STYLEAID – A Closer Look


What a complete babe – Randall Tomini wearing Zsadar backstage.

There were so many awesome photos from Friday night’s STYLEAID, I had to post some more – a closer look at some more backstage action for you all.


Sex sells backstage with Ae’lkemi.

Cool hair styling by Sue Morgan and team – Sue Morgan and husband Ray of Be Ba Beau have been doing my hair for around 12 years now. Small world! Love their guts!


Not a bad piece of costume jewellery by Peter Lang – necklace (left) I want this!


Bizarre accessories by Rebecca Paterson of 33 Poets. It is SO cool to see this designer back in the game since after a bit of a hiatus from the fashion industry since around 2009. I am a huge fan of her work and past collections. Bring it on!!

IMG_6547 IMG_6532

33 Poets by Rebecca Paterson


Laced up clogs at Empire Rose by Kathryn Cizeika


Laced up flats at Flannel


Chadwicks model David McLeod wearing Zsadar holds up a picture of Derek Zoolander – can’t you see the resemblance??


Narcisa Music wearing Nikki Loueza


Aurelio Costarella with beautiful make-up by MAC on a beautiful model who worked very well in front of the camera. I actually had to say to her at one point, “I keep pushing you because you’re good” – because I was so bossy with her and she didn’t know me, I could tell she was getting annoyed. I meant it though!


Jessica Moloney wearing Fenella Peacock


Bikini Atoll boys


Some dancers from the WA Ballet who performed on the night. I just love this photo because they didn’t know I was there and it is such a good action shot of them leaving the runway. They look like they genuinely like and appreciate each other. I was in the pitch black dark backstage hiding in a corner with my very bright flash because an ‘official’ photographer got angry at me for being in the way so whilst trying to be respectful of him, I – almost – accidentally shot them thinking they were models – the outfits are a bit costume for my liking but I’m glad I did


An assistant to MAC make-up Director, Carol Mackie holds up a torch shining a bright white light on Olivia’s face. You can’t really tell but it would be a lot darker otherwise and I love the effect


MAC make-up boobies, Vivienne Westwood and tattoos backstage


Vivienne Westwood from Dilettante taking the androgynous theme to greater lengths than any other designer/retailer. Way to go! (above, below & bottom)

IMG_6360 IMG_6362

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