Highs & Lows X Reebok Launch


Some people spend their whole lives being jealous of attractive people, I spend my whole life searching for them. Last night the search began and ended at the Highs & Lows X Reebok Launch in Mt Lawley. As you can see, success was had.

IMG_4899-copy IMG_49211 IMG_4906 IMG_4923 IMG_4924 IMG_4930 IMG_4954 IMG_4957 IMG_4967 IMG_4977-copy IMG_48971 h&l

The day after the launch I saw this picture my friend Alana Scherr uploaded on facebook of kids lined up outside Highs & Lows in Mt Lawley at 8:45am on Saturday morning. In the freezing cold, these hopefuls eagerly waited in line to nab their new pair of H&L X Reebok kicks. If proof of the success of this brand collaboration is what you seek, I hereby say no more.

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