Picturing New York, MOMA Exhibition @ AGWA

At the media viewing earlier today, Director, Stefano Carboni introduced Picturing New York, the second exhibition of the MOMA series – which will see 6 exhibitions visit the Art Gallery of Western Australia in partnership with the Museum of Modern Art. Picturing New York features 153 Masterworks with New York as the protagonist – highlighting its architecture, its people and it’s rhythm, while evoking the energy and dynamism of the city itself.

MOMA photographic curator, Sarah Meister created this exhibition which tells the story of how New York and photography became modern together over the course of the 20th Century. She explained that the works are equally critical in their construction of the city as well as idiosyncratic in their views, exploring this cultural melting pot and showing the ever changing face of New York City itself. Meister said “It seems rather fitting that this exhibition should travel to Perth, literally on the other side of the world, as it tests the central premise of this work: how photography has played a central role in developing an image of New York City in the imagination of the world”.

Sarah Meister said all 153 pieces were her favourites and that she felt blessed to go to work every day, that choosing them was a joy. She hoped that the exhibition was a good substitute for visiting New York and believes the images capture the true sense of the city in the way that photography so perfectly can.

I love this man so much!! I took his photo at the first MOMA exhibition on opening night, Picasso To Warhol back in July last year – check it out here. He is very reminiscent of Bill Cunningham, don’t you agree?

Along with some of the worlds most famous photographic works dating back to 1888 (a photograph taken on the lower East Side by Danish photographer Jacob Riis), all chronologically ordered and concluding with several pieces made after the year 2000, there are also quotes featured on the walls throughout the exhibition – one of which by Megan McCafferty that Carboni compared to his experience upon arrival in Perth.

“New York is an ugly city, a dirty city. Its climate is a scandal, its politics are used to frighten children, its traffic is madness, its competition is murderous. But there is one thing about it – once you have lived in New York and it has become your home, no place else is good enough.” He finished by saying he has since settled in and we are certainly grateful and blessed to have him here.

Sarah Meister speaks to the media. She is such an intelligent young woman and the most eloquent person, her words are like poetry.

Best catering ever!!

Weegee (Arthur Fellig) Coni Island, July 22nd 1940

This girl didn’t much like having her picture taken but so glad I convinced her as she is absolutely stunning! Undiscovered model?

Cindy Sherman, “Untitled Film Still #21” 1978

Henri Cartier -Bresson “Near The Hall of Records, New York” 1947

Tickets still available to Opening Night Friday 25th January at the Art Gallery of Western Australia front desk or from Ticketek.

I went to New York for the night and it felt great!


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