Garth Cook’s Show – The People, The Places, The Movers, The Shakers

Everyone keeps telling me to do more outfit posts, so here you go. The pic was taken by my darling friend, Jaxon Reibel and I’m calling it my “Snow White and The Huntsman” inspired outfit. I haven’t even seen the film yet but it felt very fashion-meets-costume and possibly even a bit Narnia due to how puffy I was with all of the layers.

The look comprises my Dr Martin boots, Leona Edmiston tights, Balenciaga bag, complete with Eiffel Tower key chain from Paris, designer-of-the-night, Garth Cook’s fury skirt which was so kindly given to me as a gift last year, vintage mens cummerbund worn as belt and a cape that was also gifted to me by fellow WA label Breathless.

Poppy Lissiman of Poppy Lissiman Addition boutique and a designer in her own right.

Scott-Patrick Mitchell backstage after the show.

Everyone loves this lady and there’s a darn good reason why. The truly fabulous, Zara Bryson of Zara Bryson Boutique, located at 140 Perth and Claremont Quarter. I love Zara! (Below) Emma Bergmeier’s shoes from Zara Bryson’s new online store. Check it out, it’s pretty darn fab.

The backdrop setting for the show, located in the heritage part of 140 on Wellington Street, Perth. I LOVE this creative! It looked incredible with the dim lighting. Usually dim lighting is a massive negative but in this case, the backdrop actually saved it and added dimension to the garments. At any rate the lighting didn’t affect me, I was lucky enough to have exclusive backstage access thanks to Jacqui and Garth. I have some killer photos to share with you, up next!

Photo by Alex Mansour of Hot Pixel.

Garth’s STM press on all of the very cute chairs

Champagne Cocktails

The sponsor wall was inspired..Props to Jacqui Brown who organised the night.

Style Voyeur’s exclusive backstage coverage of Garth’s ‘THIS IS NOT RESORT’ show is coming up next.


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