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Above Courtney @ Ruth Tarvydas PFW 12

When you cover a fashion week, there will always be more content than time to post and so inevitably you are left with heaps of great shots that slip through the cracks. Since my recent stint covering the inaugural Perth Fashion Week, I decided to go back through all of my photos and find some that I still wanted to feature. Like all blog posts, the whole thing is an organic process and as you work on each feature, things start to take their own shape and you build on that. The editing process almost becomes out of your control, like you must delete or include or re-touch based on the ‘angle’ the pictures working together start to form. It is hard to explain. People may not imagine this when viewing SV (hopefully some do) but I actually spend quite a significant amount of time studying each photo I post and sometimes even manipulate them to project the kind of message I want to portray.

While there is a lot to be said about capturing a moment in time, never to be repeated, and the effortlessness that comes with that is a gift to each photograph, however sometimes I will deliberately focus the viewer’s attention to a certain message.  This may sound a bit wanky coming from seemingly simple fashion blog-style photos, however I am a contextual person. With my styling work and with the photos for Style Voyeur, everything must have a context and it is what I expect from others too. If something has no context, no story, then to me it is worthless.

(Above & Below) @ Furne One

So I hope that what I see in these photographs, my ‘angle’ and why I would have chosen to show them, comes through individually without a prompt or image caption. This is why I don’t always write something with my photographs when most other bloggers do, or are expected to, because I hope in most cases that the picture really does say 1,000 words, or at least 10. And if you take nothing from them other than the view of what it’s like as an outsider getting the chance to glimpse inside the ‘fashion world’, then my job is done. And at the very least, there are some little things a Voyeur of Style could appreciate. Enjoy!



Garth Cook


(Above & Below) @ Kitty Grace





@ Zhivago 



@ Betty Sugar


@ One Fell Swoop


@ Ruth Tarvydas




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