Well done to Perth Fashion Festival and Kym Ellery for putting on such a supremely chic event at one40william.
I was asked to take pictures for Harpers Bazaar last night for a feature they’re doing on the show. As with all things in the fashion industry, I’ll get excited when I have the printed glossy pages in my sweaty little hands. Look out for the June/July issue to see if SV pics are in there! Either way I’ll be sharing some more shots with you all soon. 
Whenever a show ends it is next-to-impossible to get all of the models together in their last looks before they run off and get changed. Luckily I have been doing this for a while now so I thought quickly on the spot when I realised it would be great to have that shot. I saw these benches and just before the show ended, I got some make-up artists to help me move things. I did end up getting an amazing shot of every girl with designer Kym Ellery for Harpers. It’s exclusive to them now of course, but this is the hang-over of that shot and the collection just looks so great when the girls are together. It sounds dumb explaining this but for a blogger/photographer like me it is pretty cool to have the exclusive shot of everyone together.
Hair Director, Marie Cain making final touches behind-the-scenes.
I have never really been a fan of glitter or shimmer but this little bra top is killer. It has a 70’s vibe but is extremely original and still seems totally contemporary. This would be a great piece to use in a photo shoot and add to the styling kit.
Above: Designer Kym Ellery watching the monitor. She is in her element backstage and totally in control. It was very exciting to see her work. Total pro!
Click here to see more exclusive backstage coverage…


Everyone either was bronzed to perfection or all of the girls have been having some serious sun time this summer. Amongst my Harpers pics and these shots, I have been de-saturating on and off for 15 hours. This show perfected a way of presenting a beautiful glow with bronzed skin in the beauty looks. Usually I am not at all keen on tanned skin but the look carried right through with all of the girls sharing beautiful skin tones. Make-up aside, I think this has to be a Perth thing!
I had to eyeball these girls to get a shot out of them two seconds before the show started and the primping stopped. It was a miracle shot captured whilst dodging between backstage crew.
Shocking metallics that were pleasing on the eye. I adore the nude leather belts and the way most of them were looped on themselves and cinched at the waist. 
I have never seen so much grooming backstage in all my life. Every single girl was primped and preened from the moment she was dressed between looks until the moment she stepped onto the runway. The line-up consisted of make-up artists, hair stylists, including the remarkable Marie Cain from Head Studio (a show is not a show without her) and Kym Ellery making final adjustments to every look before it went out. I was lucky to capture any shots. 
no glasses
Even though this picture isn’t really in focus, I really love it. The top is so futuristic and quite edgy, yet still remains soft and feminine. Very chic.
In this shot (and many of them actually) it looks as though I have told the models to pose with their hands and show off their ‘Russian Mafia’ inspired tattoos created by make-up artist Penny Antuar. In fact, I didn’t. They were actually all being expressive and each taking moments to themselves before stepping out onto the runway in between the mayhem of backstage. This picture captures a moment where I zoomed in on what was already happening and the model noticed my lens.
Gemma (left) models her floor skimming dress to perfection. 
After the show I ran into the stunning Perth model turned international face, Dempsey Stewart. She told me her thigh high boots (that go way up under her dress) were given to her by Marc Jacobs.
I adore all the colours!! Very chic yet edgy, young and fun! Living in the fashion capitals of the world and getting contra for shows, certainly well…uh shows!
Stay rad ’til next time!


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