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Fashion Paramount – Saturday 11/09/2010



IMG_1320.JPGMegan Salmon

IMG_1310.JPGTop knots by L’Oreal drew focus to the collections on show

IMG_1329-bigger.jpg Of Cabbages and Kings (Above and below)



IMG_1338.JPGI love the oil slicked appearance of this look.

The thorned rose head pieces were a clever addition to the collection bringing a tough edge to the sophisticated old world structural shapes by OC&K this season. It was also really nice to finally see some colour from the talented design duo. I can’t imagine how hard it would have been to create the shapes they have achieved with silks but the result is breath taking.
Their work is impressive.

The great thing I have found with the collection shows is that no two designers showing in WA are the same.
Everyone is doing their own thing and there are no real comparisons to be made between any of the labels. I have noted very few heavy international inspirations, however a touch of that can be expected with trends and aesthetic cross-over’s. It can be said, however, that WA’s designers are generally incredibly unique.
Each and every designer label we have seen is in a world of it’s own on the home front. Very cool to see! 

Waiting for the rest of her outfit. (Above and below) S2

IMG_1309.JPGBeautiful transparencies and structured jodhpurs. This delicate chain necklace is a beautiful touch. Soft but still edgy.

IMG_1356.JPGSarah in Empire Rose with Bronwyn (below)’s confiscated whip.
Apparently good girls finish first!

Gemma knows how to rock the tulle.
She is wearing Story By Tang (label above and below).
I love how Sex & The City this dress is and I used the same piece on Gemma for the IT Bag New York competition Parade the first day of the festival.

IMG_1365.JPG Dirk the new kid on the block wearing Stand International.
I actually really dig this miss-match. Who would’ve thought stripes and gingham could work.


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