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I have produced, art directed, styled, photographed and assisted on many photo shoots in my life and out of a full day shoot there are usually only ever about five (5) or six (6) useable images in total. Although the expectations are slightly lower for ‘backstage’ shots, never before have I had so many useable images from one evening or lunch or show then ever before, until I worked with the models of the Perth Fashion Festival. They are a delight to photograph and almost every frame is useable – this, I think, is because they are all professionals, naturally amazing on the inside and out and are willing to have fun with the directions they are given. I expected to get some amazing pictures over the course of the nine day event, however what I didn’t expect was to meet and make friends with some of the most sweetest, fun and brightest young things this city has to offer.


As I say there were so many great pictures to choose from, so this may indeed be the most epic post in blogging history.

IMG_2670 - Copy.JPG

Perth Fashion Festival Make-up Director Bobby Bujisic told me that his concept behind the make-up for the collections shows was that the reality is – model’s are mannequins. Usually in the modelling world some models are favoured over others and some look better with certain make-up compared to the rest. All of this was avoided to create a uniform look for all 29 girls.



Couture jewellery by Alister Yiap. These innovative and some-what bizarre pieces were created for the runway. Alister (who was previously captured by SV back at the Kooey Launch) told me they symbolise facets of personality.

His more wearable pieces can be found at Libertine in Mt Lawley.



There is such a juxtaposition between the tough media used and the soft, heavenly connotations associated with fairy wings. Relating it back to Alister’s references to the facets of personality – this indicates to me the yin and yang in all of us. The good and bad elements we all have inside. I like how these creations bring so many questions to the tip of your tongue.




I was sitting down to rest my feet and saw this strange futuristic, insect like creature in front of me. The piece looks so much like something out of War of the Worlds. I didn’t ask but am assuming Alister created these objects with consideration to the proportions of the human body in mind – otherwise there would have been some very big logistical issues when fitting them to the models. In considering that, it is mind blowing to think of the amount of work that must have gone into each and every one of these pieces. Highly impressive and very exciting. I wonder what is next in store for this budding artist?



Cute custom made crowns (on closer inspection I saw that they were made from sticking gold chains onto woven baskets and then adorned with jewells and sheer, luxurious material) at Ruth Tarvydas.




It’s all about bold colour for Spring/ Summer 2008/ 2009 and if the floral paisley print doesn’t work for you, you can re-create the look your own way by using all the colours of the rainbow mixed together as seen (above).


Empire Rose – stylist and model for the label.



Emily and Rachael showing us – In Emily’s exact words: “Westside! for Western Australia”



Variant hand signals and Tom (second from the right) showing us how to turn it up. I love the metal cuff links (below).

IMG_2899 - Copy.jpg


Move over Doc Martins, it’s all about the Rossi boot.


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