StyleAid 2015


Models wearing One Fell Swoop backstage at StyleAid with beautiful hair Directed by Sue Morgan of Be Ba Beau. Thanks to Aly May and PR extraordinaire, Grant Capriotti of Muse Bureau for the hospitality and for not kicking me out from backstage with all the other photographers. I feel truly blessed to be able to capture these moments and I hope you enjoy!


Make-up Director, Carol Mackie working her magic for MAC cosmetics


Aurelio Costarella


Rhodes and Beckett – above & below

IMG_002550 IMG_0061

Claudia Todman


Topaz Berger


Sarah Wilson wearing I Love Mr Mittens


Grady Wulff wearing I Love Mr Mittens and Aimee Cherie Intimates


A model wearing Vintage Missoni from Varga Girl


Models helping models wearing Aurelio Costarella


Costarella’s peony hue stole the show


Sheridan wearing Vintage Missoni from Varga Girl






Claudia wearing Vintage Missoni from Varga Girl


More Missoni


Marni from Dilettante


Rhodes & Beckett




Hydration time


More Marni from Dilettante


One Fell Swoop as stunning as ever

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TPFF2015 Program Launch


Today I was backstage with more hats than usual on. Not only was I able to do Style Voyeur up close and personal, it is now my job to be involved. In February I started working at TPFF as the Industry Liaison and part of my role is to Produce the 2015 campaign. Today we presented that campaign via our new program to the media, alongside a fashion moment which featured designers from each of our shows at Fashion Paramount this year. The idea for today’s fashion moment was to represent the campaign brief which focused on high glamour and strength of character, primarily played out by our Festival Face, model Tiah Eckhardt – but today translated beautifully through all of our 13 models who took part in the showcase. We presented the campaign feel through the exquisite gowns each model wore and tied it all together with uniform moody hair and make-up. Each model was adorned with a custom made headpiece by Reny Kestel millinery in black worn over cascading wavy hair extensions that looked so natural it was effortlessly dramatic.

As you can see above and below, every element came together beautifully and that is in so small part thanks to the efforts of Bridget Hudson Styling, Make-up Artist Carol Mackie for MAC Cosmetics and Hair Director, Melanie at Reno’s for L’Oreal Professionnel.

For those who didn’t attend this morning, I hope this finds you well.

Keighly who is a new face from Vivien’s above looking divine in her make-up by Carol Mackie


Lilli from Scene wearing a piece by our International Designer, Phuong My. Phuong My will present a 46 piece Spring Summer 2015/16 collection exclusively to the TPFF runway in September.


Claudia wears Akira who is our national standalone designer this year, so exciting!


Laura wearing 33 Poets who will showcase as one of 3 designers in Opening Night presented by Dilettante with sunglasses and necklace from Generics


Hannah Collard backstage wearing model’s own jacket over a Jaime Lee gown. After her incredible ‘Light Magic’ show in 2013, Jaime Lee will be back on the TPFF runway in 2015 – sure to sell out fast!


Aude wears JoMay who will be part of our WA Designer Runway #1 Show at Fashion Paramount


L-R: Laura wearing 33 Poets, Keighly wears student graduate designer Rosemaree White dress, Sheridan in Empire Rose who this year has their own WA standalone show, Pip is wearing Wheels & Dollbaby which is set to be a draw-dropping closing night showcase featuring renowned Burlesque star, Dita Von Teese and finally Indiah wears Yang Li who is one of 3 designers showing at Opening Night alongside Toni Maticevski and 33 Poets thanks to Dilettante


Haylee wearing Teagan Jacobs who represents our WA Designer Runway #2 Show at Fashion Paramount with a Marni necklace from Dilettante


Waiter may I have an ipad please

IMG_9593 IMG_9568 IMG_9552999

Tammy wearing Ae’lkemi


Sheridan wearing a Marni necklace from Dilettante with Empire Rose jumpsuit


Kimberly wears Steph Audino with Melody (behind) also from Scene Models wears Toni Maticevski from Dilettante

IMG_96928 IMG_96990 edited_IMG_9538



Check out the new Telstra Perth Fashion Festival website:

A big Thank you to Accessorise Now in Claremont, Genrics and Hunter Shoes

‘Till next time,

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Black Magazine International Print Edition


I am SO excited to reveal my latest editorial – shot with photographer Thom Kerr and make-up artist, Rebekah Clark for the print edition of Black Magazine which is released Internationally today, due to hit news stands in NZ, Australia, New York, Los Angeles, Paris & London.

The print is rather small below but you can get your very own copy of the new Black Mag from news agencies VERY SOON! Keep your eyes peeled!

BLK-23-Our-Perth-Place-copy-3 BLK-23-Our-Perth-Place-copy-4 BLK-23-Our-Perth-Place-copy-5 BLK-23-Our-Perth-Place-copy-6 BLK-23-Our-Perth-Place-copy-7 BLK-23-Our-Perth-Place-copy-8 BLK-23-Our-Perth-Place-copy-9

This shoot is a long time coming for me, not only because we shot it in April but because I had the idea for this shoot in my back pocket for years. I have always loved shoots with interesting kids taken off the streets, interviewed, styled – but with their own aesthetic kept in the mix – and flung in front of the camera to be put in print. I’ve always wanted to do more shoots like this, to show how real people can be just as compelling as models in print. It is so cool to finally make it a reality and share it with you all!!

They say there is something in the water in Perth, with the usual credits going to models, actors and talented musicians, however I think these faces are testament to the fact that regular people walking the streets can be just as incredible as any ‘personality’. I hand-picked each of these characters because I knew there was something special about them that the camera would pick up. How I got to choosing them was funny because, like I say, I have had this shoot in my mind forever.

Chebet – was pretty much the original inspiration for this shoot. When I first met her as a volunteer for Perth Fashion Festival I couldn’t get over how beautiful she was and that she wasn’t a model, a crime! I have been hoping she wouldn’t move cities for about 3 years because I never got around to doing anything about this idea until now. Once she was even going to dye her hair purple which freaked me out because it wasn’t my vision hahaha but luckily I got her perfectly natural when the time came.

Dhiva - I also met at PFF. I was backstage shooting for this very blog and was taking a break outside the backstage tent when she introduced herself. If was dark at night and all I remember was her bindi and her eyes, I was mesmerised. She got added to the list that very moment and about a year later I contacted her.

Jason – is Chebet’s friend but I met him years ago and he is actually in my mini documentary, INSIDE STYLE VOYEUR (which by the way if you haven’t seen, where have you been?>) he is good friends with top Perth male model, Mason Roberts and was always fun to muck around with at fashion events.

Lorraine – is usually my costume assistant for the work I do in film but I brought her along to help on this shoot as we shot two that day and the other was very much her vibe – Thom Kerr Shoots Amelleah – so I  knew she would be good to have on board. When ever we do film shoots someone is always trying to coax her into being an extra and this time she got roped in to being part of this shoot by Thom haha. I am so so glad she was involved, we have worked together for years now and she is a good friend. What a good sport and stunner taboot!

Olivia – was my intern for about 6 months last year and for some of this year. Again someone I added to the list in my minds eye from the moment we met! Our own Devon Aoki, represent!

Dani – I met at the opening of Miu Miu. She told me she was opening a store and I had to come and blog it – so I did. She is just such a cool cat and I am a huge fan of what her and her brother and finace are doing with Lessons Concept Store. Adding to the culture of our city, well Fremantle, one high-end Danish street wear label exclusive-to-Australia at a time. She is the essence of a cool kid and anything but pretentious.

Each of them beautiful inside and out. I think it is safe to now say that I was correct in thinking this would work!


Adam Heath Boutique, Co Creative Agency, BrandE The Label, Aimee Chere Intimates, Pared Eyewear, Lessons Concept Store and my assistant Lorraine Koh!

‘Til next time,

xxx SV xxx

StyleAid 2015 VIP Launch


Last night we celebrated the VIP launch of StyleAid with a chic Champagne toast in honour of the fashion fundraiser and its marvelous work. Bringing much needed funds to a cause close to the hearts of event organisers and annual attendees in support of the WA AIDS Council, StyleAid is a unique event and one that many top WA creatives lend their hand to all in the name of charity. In true 60′s style as an ode to this year’s theme, SV has gone a-GoGo with a black and white recap on last night’s festivities. Enjoy!


Canapes and drinks were free flowing at La Vie Champagne Lounge at Crown Resorts where the annual fashion showcase will be held once again this year


Elle Giles of Eat Fashion Not Cake looking on point in her 60′s inspired number


Art deco inspirations at Crown

IMG_946237 IMG_94746 IMG_95058

Samuel England and Andrea Goh


Commitment to the coat hanger – she’s trying to tell us something – FASHUNN!!


Detail with De Williams from Atlas Divine

IMG_94838 IMG_95148 IMG_94982

I didn’t crop out this stunning being’s face for any real reason, I just liked this one more but don’t get me wrong!… Angeline Lloyd of The Love Thread is a true babe, inside and out!


I knew you were trouble when you walked in….Paul O’Connor and PR extraordinaire, Grant Capriotti of Muse Bureau


StyleAid Founder, Director and event organiser extraordinaire, Aly May (centre)


It would have been a crime to make this one black and white – that is all!

‘Till next time,

xxx SV xxx

Black Magazine Editorial with Amelleah


Our new editorial for Black Magazine

Amelleah wears vintage blue lace shirt, model’s own, blue floral vest $680 from Emporio Armani, Lanvin ring $695 from Elle Boutique, Marni earrings $840 from Adam Heath Claremont


Emporio Armani blazer $1695, wide leg trouser $900 and bowler hat $700 from Emporio Armani, Lanvin ring $695 from Elle Boutique, Marsell shoes $970 (worn throughout), Polytechnic West 2014 graduate; Rosemaree White top worn under

IMG_5078re IMG_5010re

Headpiece by Rosemaree White, purple bag from Adam Heath Claremont, Dion Lee dress $1690 and Rick Owens jacket $3625 from Elle Boutique


Marni hearrings $840 from Adam Heath Claremont, Bordeaux Necklace $620 from Emporio Armani, Alex Perry lace dress $800 from Elle Boutique, black leather backpack from BrandE The Label $280, Vivienne Westwood ring $400 from Corso Mio


Burberry Prorsum bright navy striped silk wool chiffon shirt dress with gathered detail POA, black crepe de chine high-waist briefs POA, ink cotton twill tailored safari-pocket jacket POA all from Burberry Prorsum, Emporio Armani oversized blue belt $460, Bordeaux Necklace $620 and navy satin shirt POA all from Emporio Armani, Vivienne Westwood ring $400 from Corso Mio


Alexander McQueen dress $859 from Adam Heath Claremont, Rosemaree White tulle dress, Lanvin gloves $1350, Lanvin gold cuff $1260 and Lanvin earrings $1275 all from Elle Boutique - above and below.


Photography: Thom Kerr

Make-up: Rebekah Clark

Styling: Marcia Ball aka ME

Styling Assistant: Lorraine Koh

Model: Amelleah from IMG

Thank you to Emporio Armani, Elle Boutique, Adam Heath, BrandE The Label, Burberry and Corso Mio

To see the story live on Black Magazine HERE

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WA Fashion Awards


The WAFAs were a week ago yesterday but I have been bed ridden with sickness since that very evening so here we go – better late than never!


All models wearing Poppy Lissiman accessories and Reny Kestel millinery. For designers, enquire within. Styling by Teagan Sewell.

IMG_9376 IMG_9248800 IMG_930487 IMG_927107 IMG_93788 IMG_9360 IMG_9274 IMG_9346 IMG_9337 IMG_9236

Behind the scenes enough for you?

FYI – No models were harmed in the making of this, ummm, make-up. Directed by the one and only Carol Mackie from MAC

IMG_9247 IMG_9240

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Suited The Champagne Event


Backstage at last Saturday’s Suited event.

For designers and witty commentary, inquire within.


The forever stunning Evelyn Leckie


Rachel wearing Bruug


Bruug girls


Caris and Evelyn wearing House of Skye


House of Skye – above and below

IMG_8595 IMG_885446

Pip and Grady spreading the love


neutral tones courtesy of Bruug

IMG_9029 IMG_8601

Pocket Rockets


The one and only Jacqui Brown doing what she does best all whilst keeping a calm disposition


Blurry but beautiful with Something Borrowed


Evelyn Leckie wearing Bruug


Madeline and Rachel


Something Borrowed take two

IMG_8622 IMG_8673 IMG_9045

Mega babe Zach Graham


Kicking on after 3 shows with these legends


Caris winning at the effortless duckface

Good night

‘Til next time

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