Politix SS 1415


Having friends in the right places helps with drawing a fashionable crowd to a mainstream retailer’s new collection preview on a moody Thursday evening and such was the case for Politix’s Spring/Summer showing last night. The beautiful people turned up in droves to watch male models walk the shop floor catwalk in Hay Street mall and witness the latest wares this menswear brand has to offer.  Backstage was even smaller than Tuesday night’s event – it’s lucky I’m not claustrophobic because my god it was a squeeze in there and this time I couldn’t rely on my existing friendships with the models to get by because I didn’t know any of them. After a brief about what I wanted – let loose, turn it on for the camera, don’t be shy – and a cosy hour of so of practically sharing the same sweat and even a selfie or two, we got there in the end!


VIP Host for the night, the effervescent Abbey Gelmi


Not a model but a rather fine waiter wearing Politix SS1415


PR darling, Sarah Langley


Uber community leader – Harrison Kennedy working his magic on my phone.

Style Voyeur has been lucky enough to score a deal with Uber – if you upload the app and enter the promotion code: stylevoyeur – you can have a free first ride anywhere in Perth to the value of $40, on us!

I am truly obsessed!


Photographer, Adam Nalapraya always rocking unassuming fashions, not!


Event producer, Jessica Snook’s details ;)


Backstage at Politix SS 14/15


Such a rush to get the models suited up backstage, it was all hands on deck


Scottish Sean in Perth for merely weeks and off to Thailand tomorrow, I briefly lived in Scotland and worked at a grand hotel on a famous Golf course in a tiny town called Muirfield which he knew so we had some great chats. Nice chap!


A fresh face, a driving cap and smiles

IMG_89266 IMG_897809

Fresh hues for Spring at Politix

IMG_8993 Style-Voyeur-Backstage

Friends after all! #modelizer

‘Till next time,

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Department SS14/15 Preview


Department on Beaufort Street previewed their latest collections for the upcoming Spring Summer 14/15 season last night with a mini fashion parade in their Mt Lawley store. Guests enjoyed free rides to the event thanks to Uber and food trucks were parked on the street offering Brazilian snacks and delicious organic juices with vodka and rosemary. People roamed around the space inside and schmoozed on the pathway outside like it was a little festival before the show.

IMG_8462 IMG_8455 IMG_8526 IMG_8458 IMG_85133 IMG_85299 IMG_85322

Guests hanging out before the show


Lauren Lovelace – yes, that is really her name! & Abbey Gelmi at Department on Beaufort


I literally saw 6 people wearing Valentino studded heels last night – when high fashion starts to creep into the mainstream amongst monied Perth fashion seekers


Backstage was a different story, it was such a tight squeeze with barely any room to take photos and just as mad as ever! If it wasn’t for my relationship with the producer of the event and her trust in me and support of what I do here with SV, probably no one else in their right mind would have allowed me to be back there. Of course, like normal I ended up helping and jumped and pulled at a curtain to hide the models as they came and went into view. However it is thanks to those relationships I am lucky to have with producers of these events that brings about YOUR inclusion in all of this. You have to remember, it’s just us back there!

There is nothing like the electric spirit of a fashion show brought to you from backstage, the antics that unfold, the models in their natural element, working so hard but still finding the little moments to be cheeky and fun and instantly this illusion that fashion is only for the ‘brave,’ that it is cold and serious, is diminished when you see how much fun it all really is. An industry built on passion. Sure it is primarily about the clothes and fashion itself but I also want to show everyone that the models are gorgeous friends, style can be silly, fashion is fun and the people who really get it, know that a warm personality, persistence, strength of character and a good sense of humour are the things that will help keep you ‘IN.’

Style Voyeur welcomes you inside my little world to experience the joy that is my fashuuuun life in Perth.


The backstage antics begin, mood boards on the door and this t-shirt saying it all!


Gaby and Rachel with beautiful plaits sitting behind a single curtain separating them from the guests waiting to be seated in-store


Operation do not fall in love with the male models alert~! Mason Roberts aka friend of Giorgio Armani looking as sexy as ever backstage in a rather simple ensemble


Elegant Evelyn Leckie


The mad dash to get shoes, Evelyn and her SKIN backstage


Rachel Maher who is a bit of an underdog, the secret QUEEN of the pose – she knows how to work it and you better believe it’s in her blood!


An angelic Gabrielle Sullivan


When someone actually blows you a kiss and it’s mistaken for a duck face #firstworldproblems


Just, yes


I am obsessed with this top – Kate Hudson style!


Obsessed! The off the shoulder look is something I have been chasing and is SO good for a girl with a small bust to still feel sensual and free


Fabienne Vanderhaeghen being a cutie


Backstage madness, not many models means super fast change times!


The tennis costume, kimono dress – strange yet awesome


Hai there

IMG_874446 IMG_8596 IMG_85599

More Valentinos and bare feet backstage


Mason has been put in some really simple outfits in front of my lens of recent times, however it doesn’t matter because that boy got swag!


Delicate lacey detailing under a casual, paired back look


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All pieces pictured available from;


667 Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley..

(08) 9272 8850

‘Till next time,

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The September Issue


It’s rare that I share photos that are not my own but when it comes to finding fashion inspiration, one can look no further than The September Issues. I remember what it was like as a girl looking through the pages of magazines, being in awe of the glamour and spectacle of the fashion editorials and how the runway looks were brought to reality or surreal-ity as it seemed in those days – however for this upcoming Fall/Winter 14/15 season, we’re talking as real it can gets. Normcore is upon us and if the title of the above editorial is anything to go by, normal doesn’t necessarily mean ugly. Super Normal Supermodels by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine.

Normcore, the 90′s, the 60′s, sportswear, oversized outerwear, girls dressed as boys, dressed as girls, Lara Stone, fur and furry things – all not very NEW feeling prospects as far as emerging trends are concerned or as Miranda Priestly would say, “Flowers for spring, groundbreaking” – and with backdrops including nature, 70′s wallpaper, old chipped painted walls, kitchens, cars, streets and bathrooms, we’re taking a break from glitz & glamour too it seems. A welcome break? You decide.


Super Normal Supermodels by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine – above, below & under

w-magazine-september-2014-mert-marcus-20 w-magazine-september-2014-mert-marcus-9 georgia-may-jagger-w-korea-september-2014-5

Georgia May Jagger by Maciek Kobielski for W Korea September 2014 – above & below

georgia-may-jagger-w-korea-september-2014-2 benthe-de-vries-for-elle-italia-september-2014-7

Benthe de Vries by Michael Sanders for Ella Italia September 2014 – above & below

benthe-de-vries-for-elle-italia-september-2014-6 lara-stone-willy-vanderperre-w-magazine-september-2014-6

Lara Stone by Willy Vanderperre for W Magazine September 2014


Ophelie Guillermand by Jason Kibbler for Vogue Russia September 2014


Auguste Abeliunaite wearing Prada fur dress by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numero September 2014


Melina Gesto by Thomas Lohr for Vogue Germany September 2014


Lara Stone by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue UK September 2014 – above, below & under

lara-stone-by-mario-sorrenti-for-vogue-uk-september-2014-1 lara-stone-mario-sorrenti-uk-vogue-september-2014-10 amanda-wellsh-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-september-2014-9

Amanda Walsh by Sebastian Kim for Vogue Australia September 2014 – above, below & under

amanda-wellsh-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-september-2014-3 amanda-wellsh-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-september-2014-5 amanda-wellsh-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-september-2014-7 vogue-russia-september-2014-6

Vogue Russia September 2014


Vogue Russia September 2014


Jenna Earle by Andrew Soule for Flare Magazine September 2014


Mert & Mercus for W Magazine September 2014

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Zara Perth Preview


This morning officially marks the earliest event I have attended in SV history. At 7:30 am Perth bloggers, selected media and the style mavericks of the wild west were up and about to welcome Zara to Perth. Upon arrival I was amazed to discover a line had already started forming outside with security barring the eager shoppers and even some media entry, whilst ushering us in to greet publicists with gift bags in tow. Privileges such as this are common for our kind and do not go unappreciated, yet it still felt quite weird to walk in whilst they weren’t allowed to. Waiting two hours to have their first pick of high streets’ most famous brand was unquestionably worth it for them.

My intern Serene and I had a browse and listened to the presentation held with stylists from the womenswear, menswear and childrenswear sections, discussing Zara’s ‘trending’ must haves and key transeasonal looks. Perth shoppers now have access to more affordable, trend driven basics to mix and match with their favourite designers and the scale of Zara itself is unlike anything we have had at our disposal before. I think this especially applies to menswear. I personally love menswear, even for myself and as a stylist with a tall brother and being asked all the time what there is available for men in Perth, with too few options in the past – Zara is helping to close that gap in the market. Now there is no excuse for our boys – grabbing a well cut suit for an affordable price is an option now too!

Above: Scoop Magazine stylist, Clare Ryan


Personal Style Bloggers, Ali Sims from Creatures of Commonplace blog and instablogger and model Agatha @agathavpw


Serene Ong checking out the Zara merch


Zara womenswear stylist telling us about statement jackets and Zara’s most ‘trending’ finds

IMG_8392 IMG_8283 IMG_8320 IMG_8437978

Jordana Ripp from Perth Style


So many beautiful menswear options

IMG_84022 IMG_8418 IMG_8381

Bubbo loafers, so cute!


Stunning childswear that goes up to a size 14 – meaning if you are a size 8 you could probably option this section too> as told to us by the stylist from Zara during the presentation


Printed tees


Tiny Hello Kitty training bras

IMG_8442 IMG_8440

More high street options for Perth customers thanks to Zara

Style Voyeur5

Blogging away


The line, the media – it was all happening before 9am this morning!


The line from inside


Zara – Garden City, Perth

‘Till next time,

xxx SV xxx

Bali Birthday Photo Diary


Spending your 30th in Perth = no deal!

Check out my visual diary of my recent trip to a very unique and original tropical holiday destination 3.5 hours from Perth.

Above: The last night in my 20′s @ Motel Mexicola


I made a joke before we left on my instagram @stylevoyeur about those memes – “How I think I look” VS “How I really look” and posted this pic from True Blood, imagining myself on our tropical holiday. Amazingly what was so funny is that our villa – Eden, Residence At The Sea – really did look heaps like the vibe of this pic. Ahhhh take that! True bliss!

photo 1-16

Our beautiful 5 bedroom villa at Eden in Kerobokan

photo 4-155

My friend Lauren is the queen of the delicious spread


Room with a view – this was the view from our rooftop at Eden. So amazing! I highly recommend staying here if you ever have a group of friends together and get the chance. They have 3 – 5 room villas and are so incredibly affordable for the level of luxury and service, I was amazed

photo 166

Glory hour post Jari Menari oil drenched massage on our rooftop @ Eden

photo 3-19me3

The morning I woke up, put my bathers on, looked in the bathroom mirror and realised I was 30. I’ve never understood people who say they hate birthdays, however if turning 30 isn’t daunting, I don’t know what is. For me it was a weird feeling because, well I don’t feel 30. Hopefully I never will!


Breakfast as a 30 year old doesn’t look so bad! I have no idea why we don’t have Champagne, that came after..


My Karen Walker sunnies, birthday gift from Mad Kids – Lauren, Matthew & Henry. Q baby Q

photo 2-525

Loving my bday gift in the kitchen, glass cabinet selfie alert


After brek and a swim it was time for AMO – mani/pedi/massage, yes please. I believe the STUNNING owner of AMO on Petitenget is an ex-model – can you tell?

photo 1-09

Awwww Birthday cake thanks to Eden – they were so sweet to do this. Delivered by our very own butler. Everyone sang me Happy Birthday and it made my night pre Sarong so special even though I can’t eat cake. #glutenfreelyfe


My beautiful gift from the incredible WA born, Bali based designer – Jaime Lee Major. Wow I’m a lucky girl! This snap was taken just before we headed off to Sarong for dinner on the night of my 30th Birthday. Ironically Jaime couldn’t be in Bali while we were there – you go cross continent to visit your best friend in her place of residence on your birthday and she ain’t even there to hang out! It is because she is a gosh darn superstar and had to hitch a flight to New York City just days before to shoot Kimbra’s music video with Thom Kerr. It actually went live today. Check it out HERE – Kimbra, Miracle and it makes me feel a little more understanding about the whole thing haha.

photo 5-16action1

Action shot wearing Jaime Lee at Sarong in Seminyak


Million Dollar Martinis at Potato Head by candlelight


Sunday Brunch at the W. Seriously if you are ever in Seminyak on a Sunday this is a MUST!


Next level selfies


Pictures can not do Sunday Brunch at the W justice. It is literally Willy Wonka land

photo 5-39

You haven’t lived until you have tried white chocolate dipped popcorn on a stick

photo 2-01848

Eden is basically one big couch


Mumm by the pool

photo 2-20sun

Sunset from our rooftop

photo 3-16

My bedroom @ Eden
photo 2-3ygh33

My bathroom was a mini jungle

photo 1-33phyh


photo 1-29pot

Sun bathing & Pina Coladas @ Potato Head


Last time I was in Bali in November I saw this shop right near Sea Circus being painted. For days we would drive past and see the girl working away, thinking it was crazy how long she took, however as you can see, it was clearly worth it!


500 Rupiah (roughly $500) will get you fake Chanel at Numero = no deal!


What a stupid woman. No helmet and a bloody labrador on her bike. It amazes me the stupid shit people do. I would never get on one of these, let alone take a big dog on one – ugh!


A very unusual looking holiday maker outside Bintang Supermarket. I have to find her card and report back – after I took her photo she said she had 30,000 Twitter followers and I think she was a famous performer/dancer. Hmmm watch this space


Just chillin’


The best coffee in Bali


Wearing Jeans West at our second villa, Bidadari. We had no wifi so we got a free massage, this is outside the salon. We HATED it there, so do not recommend but extended our stay and I’m glad we did as our third villa was lovely. Booking last minute is hit and miss


I absolutely love these chairs! Wearing a Jeans West dress and shells at the Bidadari salon

photo 2-26grant av

This was so bloody ironic. I’d had my turn of taking the master bedroom at our previous villa so when it was my turn to take the twin – this is what I have to deal with. A broken heart on my 30th – that’d be right. Feeling a little like a spinster at this point but the thought was there


Sunbaking topless at Grand Avenue in Umalas – not a bad way to spend a day


One of my favourite cheap and cheerful restaurants – Zula Vegetarian Paradise and to me it is paradise. Gluten free heaven

photo 1-1

Massive coconut at Zula


Nothing with a face or a mother at Zula – No.5 Dhyana Pura, Seminyak – walking distance from Bintang supermarket


The People Vs shorts – my favourite shop in Bali. The singlet I’m wearing in the first pic at Mexicola is also from there. I stock up every time I go now. There is one right near AMO on Petitenget and one on Oberoi

salty seagull

At Salty Seagull with my bestie Matthew Lovkis – ribs & bibs

photo 4-21salty seagull

All of the lights, all of the lights @ Salty Seagull on No.999 Petitenget, Kerobokan – same owners as Mexicola and I LOVED it



Security and swimmers at W, Seminyak

w rainbow cake

Rainbow cake @ W

photo 2-34-pillowland

Pillow land – this is what holidays are all about


Love that sunburnt country. Home time! What an awesome holiday and now I am old!

‘Till next time,

xxx SV xxx

Miu Miu Perth Opening


The opening of a flagship Miu Miu boutique on King Street was cause for much celebration on Wednesday night with the beautiful people of Perth – and some clients from Hong Kong and Sydney – stepping out in their finest to attend a chic, cocktail evening in keeping with the standards held by Mrs Prada herself.

The boutique is huge but the lighting and the endless mirrors at every corner of the room, the colour of those curtains, with cocktails flowing endlessly, tunes drifting in and out of focus, glamorous guests aplenty, staff in uniforms everywhere and me in my Jaime Lee sparkles (wearing couture ain’t easy) – it was more like a shiny labyrinth for me to navigate my way around. I knew a lot of people there but everything looked different, more refined, slightly blurred. That is the thing about high end, about luxury, it is sensory. We all need to clothe ourselves, we all like shiny things, we all go to events – well I certainly do – but it is that extra level of staff etiquette, the presentation of the products, the feel of the fabric, the cut and the drape, those extra special touches like having a selection of perfumes in the bathroom and your very own footman to guard the door, the mystery of money, the taste of style, the overindulgence, yet the value for quality, the things that make a brand like Miu Miu sparkle. There was no fashion moment on the night but there didn’t need to be one, the brand, the event, the experience of it all is a moment, an experience, a philosophy.

Above: Cover star, Innes Ledger


Model couple, Caris Tiivel and Stirling Caiulo

IMG_80927 IMG_8099

Cocktail Gastronomy cocktails, as amazing and delicious as ever

IMG_8065 IMG_8111

PR guru Natalie Cameron


THE FACE Australia Winner – Olivia Donaldson who can now simply be referred to as ‘The Face.’

IMG_82009 IMG_8087

So many mirrors – can you see me sparkle?

IMG_8084 IMG_82433

The slashie – Model/ Writer, Gemma Bidstrup

IMG_ebony1 IMG_8094 IMG_811999

Guests at Miu Miu Perth

IMG_8059 4567

I asked these people for a photo because they were both in all black and the other two standing with them were both in all white – in hindsight I’m not sure these two people know each other but I sort of love their differences. They are the definition of different but the same when it comes to their outfits and their vibe

IMG_8230 IMG_8226900

The editor of Harper Bazaar Australia, Kellie Hush who was in Perth for the occasion


Model Ebony Hunter who did her own incredible hair and make up for the event – I overheard an event producer telling her she has to do her own make up at shows from now on haha


Models galore – Paris Fontana


Seemingly an event isn’t complete until I get a photo of Poppy Lissiman haha


Ebony Hunter was the best dressed of the night and what a night it was

‘Till next time,

xxx SV xxx

5minWith Amy Finlayson


Style Voyeur: What is it like to be Amy Finlayson?

I’ll let you know when I figure that one out haha

What inspires you?

I get my inspiration from numerous locations – from random happenings in nature to amazing artists in galleries, to underground creatives on social media. There is a constant stream of inspiration in life these days – the problem is weeding out the crap and finding things yous treasure.

You’ve got an exhibition on tonight, can you tell us more about it?

It is a collaboration between photographer, Mick Bruzzese and I. I feature in the images and have also painted over the work. It’s a kind of self-appropriation, I suppose and a reflection and combination of my two vocations, art and modeling. At the same time, it’s a comment on beauty and the organic movement of life.


When did you start doing art?

In high school at MLC

You took a bit of a break from modeling a few years ago, what made you want to get back into it?

I never really took a break, I just pursued other loves. Modeling eebs and flows.

What do you love most about modeling?

The freedom

What is one of the funniest/strangest things you have experienced whilst modeling?

It’s all pretty strange in comparison to other professions! Once I was on a job for Sportsgirl with photographer Simon Lekias and we were working with a whole array of animals. Feeling quite cocky, I thought I had it in the bag, until I looked the monkey in the eye and he freaked out and slapped me in the face. No one was hurt in the making of that shoot, but I certainly had my tail between my legs for the rest of the day.

What makes you uncomfortable?

Rudeness. Insincerity. Liars.


What qualities do you look for in a friend or lover?

Trust. Compassion. Humour.

What do you do when you’re not modeling?

University, exhibition prep, organising my new line of silk scarves…

What are a few of your favourite Perth haunts?

Subi markets and my home really.

What are a few of your beauty tips you can share with us?

Glycolic acid! Balance that with natural, simple products. I use Peter Thomas Roth face wash and a simple moisturiser by Tinderbox. Rebekah Clark also has a great line of natural skin care products, call The Products.

For more info on The Products and to make an order – enquiry@rebekahclark.com.au


What do you do to stay in shape?

Pilates, cardio, pilates, cardio, yoga, repeat. This plus a balanced diet and not stressing over every morsel tends to work these days.

What do you eat for breakfast?

Avocado with lemon and Himalayan salt on sprouted super grain ‘bread’ by Spring Wellness.

What would you consider your greatest achievement to date?

This exhibition, along with graduating University and still modeling after 12 years in the industry. All at the same time ;)

What’s next for Amy?

I am launching an exquisite line of silk scarves. All perfect squares, they will feature my next line of art works. I will also be collaborating with some other cool artists and charities. Sign up at www.fiinlayson.com

Follow Amy on Instgram: @amy_fin, Twitter: @amyjfinlayson and Her blog: www.by-fin.net


Amy’s exhibition is tonight – August 14th 6-9pm at Luxe Studios in Darlinghurst. RSVP to – organica.exhibition@gmail.com

#5minwith is an ongoing personal project by Photographer, Stef King shot exclusively for Style Voyeur..

5minwith photographer: www.stefking.com.au

‘Till next time,

xxx SV xxx

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