Interview with Olivia Henderson #STARTTHERIOT


You may have started to see all of these political slogan T-shirts pop up around fashion week on models, shot by bloggers, on Street Style features and daily style reports, well Style Voyeur has got the SCOOP on the lady who created them, what they’re all about and who is determined to #starttheriot!

Olivia Henderson above with her T-shirts that caught the eye of famed fashion Stylist and Costume Designer, Patricia Field when I wore one of them to interview the Sex & The City style maven. I received an email today from Patricia herself, direct from New York asking to get in touch with Olivia so WATCH THIS SPACE for more on that. So exciting! You heard it here first :)


Name: Ollie Henderson

Age: 23

Hometown: Creswick, Victoria

Current Location: Usually NYC, Currently Sydney

What first got you into political activism?

Apart from signing a few petitions here and there or going to the occasional rally, this is my first project of political activism. I also work as an artist, most of my work has a strong feminist edge, but this is the first project that I have felt might make a difference.

This project was sparked by living abroad and having too many people (Europeans and Americans) comment on the issues of Racism in Australia. What happened to the days when Australia was known for being laid back and friendly, now we are seen as racist and uneducated. WHAT!!?? Obviously this is very upsetting. I was also sick of the Australian Government making decisions on my behalf that I am 100% against. I love Australia and I want to be proud of what we are doing as a nation.


Model Amanda Ware (above) from Australia’s Next Top Model and (above this) a model also wearing an Olivia Henderson T-shirt photographed for by Tommy Ton at MBFWA

Do you recall the first cause you found yourself extremely passionate about?

Yes, I came out when I was 17, it was fortunately not really an issue for me, I never felt uncomfortable or ashamed of telling people. But seeing those around me in the LGBTI community struggle and hearing their stories made me feel very passionate about the injustice.


How did Start The Riot begin? What is it all about?

The idea started in New York reading the news in Australia and not being very happy about it. The aim of the project is to encourage young people to become politically aware and involved. To share the message that anyone can make a difference, even if it is something small like making a T-shirt at home and sharing your thoughts, or reposting an article on Facebook. These things might not seem very big but it can be the start of something. Being brave enough to start the conversation, even with friends, can be a daunting thing.


What is your end goal with the political slogan T-shirts?

My aim for the T-shirts is to have as many people wearing them at Australian Fashion Week (MBFWA) as possible. Fashion week is designed to be a press frenzy, I felt it was the best way, as a model, that I could share the message. The power of press in magazines and blogs (the modern magazine) is great.

Everybody wearing a T-shirt is given them for free and encouraged to come up with their own slogan or at least pick one from the pre made T-shirt, I want this project to be about people sharing their own thoughts rather than me imposing my views on others.

Due to the large interest from Interstate and International supporters I hopefully will be continuing the project after fashion week, selling the T-shirts, with profits going to the charities of the issues discussed on the shirts.


You mentioned you were making a zine — what is that all about?

I wanted to have a Zine with the T-shrits to further inform people of whats going on in the world. The T-shirts might spark the idea, the Zine is where you can get more information on what’s going on and how you can get involved.


How can Style Voyeur readers get a hold of the t-shirts and the zine?

If you are at MBFWA yes. Come find me at the event and you can have both. If not, hopefully this project will continue and readers will have access soon. Watch this space!


In general, what do you hope to accomplish with this project?

To give people the confidence to feel that they can make a difference too.

Is there a particular reason you have picked Fashion Week to have people wear the t-shirts/debut the zine?

Any model will tell you, as soon as you step out of the backstage area (even in the backstage area), you are swamped with photographers taking your picture and asking what you are wearing. I would rather say I’m wearing “Support Gay Marriage” than any designer.


Who do you aim to involve in this project? (For example, we’ve seen model Sarah Pauley wear the t-shirt on Instagram)

Anyone and everyone who wants to help. The support has been overwhelming. Models wearing the T-shirts, photographers organising shoots, videographers doing films, writers working on the zine, artists contributing images, musicians making political playlists and just people talking about it and spreading the word.


You have said the T-shirts — a series of 50-100 — will bear “positive political slogans” such as ‘Support Gay Marriage’ and ‘Welcome Refugees, Save Lives’, and that you want everything to “feel really positive.” One of the shirts various models have been photographed wearing bears the statement ‘Tony Abbott Puts The N In Cuts’. While we’re not saying we disagree with this statement, do you believe that a message like this is a positive one?

No, this statement is not particularly positive, but as I said earlier, people are coming up with their own slogans, this might fell very positive for them.


How should young people, who perhaps do not know where to begin, start fighting for causes they are passionate about?

Read about it. Get online and get informed. Sign up for e-newsletters and follow Facebook pages of people discussing issues you care about. Talk to others, share your learnings and discuss ideas. This might sound like nothing but it’s a strong starting point, you have to know what you’re fighting about. You’ll find out how to go further along the way.


What are some of the causes you support, and how?

As I said earlier, this is the first big thing I have done. I support the ACF (Australian Conservation Foundation) with monthly donations and Birthday and Christmas gifts are often through Oxfam. You can buy someone the gift of clean water for a whole school in Columbia for $98 (gift cards start at $10 for a chicken), much better than giving socks.

Is there were one message you could get across to all our readers this instant, what would it be?

Be brave!


Street style images by Tommy Ton for and Luke Latty for Pedestrian TV

All other images by Liz Ham

Join the group and #starttheriot on Facebook HERE

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Aurelio Costarella @ MBFWA


On Monday in Sydney Aurelio Costarella showcased his Summer 14/15 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia to a delighted audience. Courtesy of Paul O’Connor at Costarella HQ, Style Voyeur is charmed to share these STUNNING backstage shots taken by Penny Lane and some runway looks with you, boy what a show!


Aurelio Costarella summer 14/15 is a contemporary interpretation of classic 1920’s/30’s Parisienne silhouettes. Inspired by the work of Man Ray and the eclectic style of his muses Kiki de Montparnasse, Tamara de Lempika, Nancy Cunard, Lee Miller and Juliete. This vibrant and multi textured collection of dresses, suiting and gowns takes us on a journey from delicately pretty to decadently noir.


Working closely with Goldwell and MAC in the styling of the show and under the direction of Lee Preston for Goldwell a series of colourful hair styles were created. James Molloy flew in from Hong Kong for MAC to Direct the theatrical themed ‘face’ for the show utilising SWAROVSKI crystals on the eyelids.


This year Costarella collaborated with Jeweler Sally Skoufis who made colourful embellished bangles in the same palette as the collection.

charlie-Aurelio-Costarella _0L3A8191_AC_14_BTS__web

The colour palette was the most intense, textured and vibrant that has ever produced under the Costarella brand! Ranging from crisp white to shades of flame, orchid, violet, citrus, mint, fuchsia, red, cobalt, turquoise, antique, pewter, gunmetal and black. Fabrications include silk chiffon, leather, eyelet lace, print, plisse, intricate beading and embroidery in metal, ostrich feather and crystal.

backstage-Aurelio-Costarella claudia-Aurelio-Costarella

Claudia wearing Aurelio Costarella Summer 14/15 backstage at MBFWA


Fatima wears Aurelio Costarella Summer 14/15 backstage at MBFWA


Bodysuit with Shadowplay shirt on the runway at MBFWA for Aurelio Costarella Summer 14/15

body-suit shadowplay-bustier-gown

Alice Burdeu wears the Shadowplay Bodysuit Gown on the runway at MBFWA for Aurelio Costarella Summer 14/15

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Interview with Patricia Field


So on Thursday 3rd April I was lucky enough to interview Costume Designer, Patricia Field and boy what an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity it was, all thanks to Enex100 and Forrest Chase!

I arrived early at about 5:10pm and the interview wasn’t due to be until 6pm – very early indeed, I often am but more so this time. Maybe you could call it fate. As soon as I walked towards The Greenhouse at Enex100 where we were all meeting, I saw Patricia up ahead of me walk towards Woolworths. I could tell she was lost so I approached her and introduced myself and asked if she was looking for The Greenhouse, which was over this way and I could take her. We arrived there and were the first so we sat together and ordered a coffee – she asked me to join her. As a typical New Yorker she took some time figuring out what she wanted because she just wanted ‘Cowfee’, none of this latte, short mac business, so we decided on a flat white for her and mocha for me. She noticed my Tshirt which, as you can see above is somewhat political. It sparked a lot of thought provoking conversations between us, she told me about Tshirts she once designed in her early days with ‘DUMB REAGAN’ written on them. I told her about the designer who sent it to me, a young Sydney fashion girl by the name of Olivia Henderson (my next post will be on her – so watch this space) and she was very interested. Patricia told me she had studied politics at College and we talked for about 45 minutes about politics in US history, Mitt Romney before Obama and Obamacare, Republicans vs Democrats and how the young creative people in New York seem to have given up on activism. Strangely enough, she told me the young people most interested in politics in New York these days are the more conservative kids like people in finance. I said it was completely the opposite here, that the more alternative thinkers and creatives (or hippies even) are more politically active active but indeed agreed that my generation is very conservative generally and a lot of us do just accept the status quo more than our baby boomer parents did.

Anyway, a lot of rather political discussions took place between us in that short but memorable time, not that I am an expert on those subjects by any stretch of the imagination but it is a topic that also interests me very much. We eventually went outside for a cigarette, she gave me one her hers (how bizarre haha) and we talked about Costume Design. I told her about the film I recently worked on, (These Final Hours – you can watch the trailer HERE if you like) that comes out in cinemas in July. She told me about the most recent film she worked on, The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz along with all kinds of other stories about the Industrial Revolution and how it affected fashion and started Ready-to-Wear.

Wow, what a day! After all of that we went back inside and everyone arrived and we did the round-table interview with other bloggers in attendance. I recorded the whole hour on my dictaphone and thought it would be an amazing opportunity for you all to hear the entire thing as though you were there too.

It has taken me HOURS to transcribe this, so I hope you enjoy it. It’s A LOT of text but definitely worth taking the time to read! Patricia tells us where some true gems in New York are, where to go to really capture the heart of  New York and experience it when you happen to visit next and about herself, her likes and dislikes and of course, Costume and Styling and Sex And The City. It’s remarkable! Enjoy xx

(NB: I don’t know all the names of the bloggers asking questions so if it doesn’t say who’s asking, that’s why. Sorry! Feel free to fill me in if you know. Everything not in bold or brackets is Patricia speaking.)


Question 1 (Asked by me) – What is the biggest misconception about your job as a costume designer people have?

Patricia: Oh that’s a good one…I guess just the most popular misconceived question that I receive..I’m always asked, has an actress ever refused to wear something that I gave them? They have this idea that the costume designer is the role of a dictator and I always tell them, it never happens because I’m just the first editor, I give the actors choices within a certain thing…and I go ok here’s 5 possibilities, see which one you like because after all, the actor’s on camera. My role as a Costume Designer is to support the actor and help the actor through their wardrobe to find and develop the character but people think there’s a different process going on, like it’s some kind of like, “You wear this!” And of course, that’s not the way it goes. So that’s one of the biggest misconceptions. It’s amazing I get asked that question from the average fan to the highest journalist. It’s kind of surprising to me. They have this idea that you sit there and you fight with the actors to make them wear your clothes, it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Me – Do you work closely with the directors in that process?

I work with the directors, I love to work with the directors. Usually in feature films, the chance is better to have a strong director. In TV, especially series, once it’s a series it kind of takes on a life of its own. The Director’s kind of the babysitter because after a while, the actors, the crew, it’s a machine, it’s automatic. The actors know what to do every morning, so the director is not as important but in a good feature film, you’ll have a good director. I recently worked with Nick Cassavetes who is the son of John Cassavetes and Gina Rowland and he was really fun to work with. He was the kind of director that, you know, let’s say you plan it a certain way but in the course of the shooting you get an idea, you want to change it, he’s that kind. And of course it causes more work from my end, or any of the other staff, whether it’s the Production Designer or whatever, but I don’t mind to do that because in the end, the only thing that you see is the film.

Me  Was that the Cameron Diaz film you were telling me about earlier? 

Yes, The Other Woman which is going to open up here shortly. As a matter of fact, Cameron’s coming here (to Australia) for the opening. So I prefer that kind of a Director because, if you have a great idea and it didn’t come to you two months ago when you were prepping all this, let’s go for it because in the end, that’s what you’re going to see. The people that see the film, they don’t know the back story, they see the finished product. So if you can improve the finished product, along the way,I’m all for it! I don’t mind doing changes or adding a costume or whatever it is, whatever it involves. The Director is more on the creative side of it as opposed to, in TV it’s all these producers and it’s one of the reasons I had to take a break for a while. You have all of these producers (in TV) and there are too many of them to start off with and they all have these uneducated opinions because ‘creative’ is not their job, but then they have to approve your work and I said the other day – on this other project that I’m working on – they’re still shooting actually, I had to leave because they pushed it back – it’s the kindergarten telling the professor what’s going on here. I was really losing my cool. I said, back off! Because they don’t know what they’re talking about. They’ll say the craziest things like, ‘oh well my wife was saying that so and so designer is really good.’ I’m like, oh great!?

Question 2 (Chelsey Wayte from Perth Fashion Festival) – we put it out there to our facebook fans. What is your view on fun headpieces for fun events like cocktail parties instead of just racewear?

Oh I know whay they asked that question! I’m famous here for making a remark about those fascinators. What is my view about wearing headwear at cocktail parties? I love headwear, I wear headwear all the time. I really feel that, when you see a person, the first thing you see is this (points to head), especially in TV and movies and so on, so I love headwear. And of course you wear headwear to a wedding, its traditional. I guess it’s because of more religious than cultural, but maybe a mix of cultural and for me headwear is great because it expresses something that is right there. It’s Immeditate and for me, fashion or dressing or how you present yourself, if you want to communicate to others who you are, and how you think and what you feel, do it here first (points at head again) because that’s what you see. So I’m totally into head wear. But I’m into headwear that functions, I’m not into headwear as a Christmas ball on a tree. I love headwear as protection but then of course you make it look gorgeous. As long as there’s a function and it makes sense to me, headwear is one of my favourite things – along with gloves.


Chelsey  On a more serious note, your boutique has been a fashion landmark in New York for almost 50 years.

That’s because I was a child when I opened it.

Chelsey – it’s obviously changed a lot in recent years, you would have seen a lot of designers come and go, and it’s becoming more challenging with things going online, what are your views on where the industry is headed? And what advice would you give designers and fashion creatives who want to start a business in the fashion industry these days?

Ok well, there’s a left hand and a right hand. There’s creative and then there’s the business side. The brain has to be able to operate on both sides to find success. One could be the most artistic, creative, original person but if you don’t understand how to get your creatitivity out there to others so that they can enjoy it – that is the point of art. It stays within you or within a small, tiny circle, so it’s very important, I think, from that point of view to either be able to do it yourself or find a counterpart, a partner that you can actually create a business out of your talent with. Unless you just like to design for your own enjoyment and not think of it in terms of a career.

Today, getting to your question, things are more difficult but sometimes out of the, what do you call it? The flowers grow out of the mud. For example, all of these hard times, the last whatever, last 5, 6, 7 years, designers always came to me, to a degree through the years, young designers, back in the day, I would give them backing – small amounts of money to get their little collection together for my shop. Today, kids come to my shop with their things and they leave them in my shop as though my shop is a gallery. Now I really appreciate that because they show their willingness and their work and they’re serious about it, instead of ‘oh I don’t have any money, I could make this thing for you but you have to give me the money to do it before I even make it.’ So sometimes out of hard times, it’s like when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

The thing about business and creativity is a very important point. It’s just necessary (to have both). Unless you find a counterpart, for example I’ve known Bestsey Johnson for years, we’re contemporaries so we started together from the beginning. She’s very talented, very signature, but back in the early days she was having business problems, getting into situations, working with investors for example and she really didn’t have the head for that. She would put in all this energy and then after a year or two it would fall apart and then she met her partner. Her own contemporary, who was an organized business woman – non-creative (in the fashion sense), creative in the business sense – and it was the best thing that happened because from zero she built that business up with her partner. A few years back (her partner’s name was Chantal Bacon) Chantal was like ‘Ok, I’m over it, I’m retiring, good bye. I’m cashing out.’ And it was really difficult for Bestsey and I think it still is because she’s never developed that business sense. She’s extremely creative on the imagination, on the fashion level but being disciplined with business, she never created that skill. Now she’s having problems again. All the sharks come after her and she lets them bite her. She went bankrupt, she sold her business to a manufacturer who’s name is Steve Madden and he’s notorious, he was in jail.

I  pipe up and say we all know him now from The Wolf of Wall Street

Yes. And he basically owns her label now. I love her and I feel bad for her but you know, I want to shake her. So that’s really important. If you’re talking about a career, you have to have that business side covered.

(Patricia says cheers as we all raise our Cosmopolitan cocktails served to us by The Greenhouse – yes this actually happened)

It’s a pleasure to be here with all of you. I tell you, that’s a reward for me that I have a chance to sit down and chit chat, one-on-one with you all. It’s really cool.

Question 3 – I want to ask a question about us fashion bloggers. Because fashion bloggers have been popular for, maybe around 5 years, they are kind of the new power in the fashion industry.. I wanted to ask what you and the industry in general think about us amatures? (everyone laughs)

That’s a good questions because it’s kind of like what I was saying before – out of the mud, the flowers grow – ok maybe in this case…the mud is the old garb, the old system, and you know, it’s worn out and there was something sitting right there to replace it. I think that the establishment in the industry, it’s fear and loathing on one hand (the attitude towards bloggers) and at the same time it’s awe. I think the establishment, I do hear they’re excited by it. You always hear, ‘Oh she’s the famous fashion blogger and she’s front row.’ Fashion bloggers, you know in a few years they got on the front row and they’re important people and it’s like what I was saying about the designers…how can I say this…they took the ball and ran with it. Like today’s young designers and the fashion bloggers, they did the same thing. The technology, the internet came and opened up the opportunity to – on your own, make your own noise. It’s fantastic. It became a wide open field, it’s a much bigger field and it’s less political, so it’s healthier.

Question 4 (The Boyfriend Shirt Blogger) – My question is more about your process, so creating Sex And The City, that’s ten years, that’s an enormous project to evolve. When you go out, do you walk up to a shop and see a dress and say, ‘Yep that’s something Samantha would wear.’ Or do you have something picked out in your mind and you’re on a mission to find that?

Ok, when I go out to…when I go out, I go to a bar and get drunk (everyone laughs). Haha no, just joking. It’s a combination of both. When I go out things lead me in a direction of looking at what their character is, what their style could be, of course based on what they do and what they say. And then the other side of it is you see something and it looks really interesting and you say, that could work, but you do start out with a certain idea and that idea evolves and develops as you develop this wardrobe. It’s kind of – I wouldn’t say hit and miss, it’s more than hit and miss but it develops as it goes along and you sort of fine tune it. I think that’s kind of the process.


Question 5 (The Boyfriend Shirt blogger) – Is there anywhere in New York where you know it’s a one-stop-shop and you will always find a secret treasure there?

Well of course aside from my own shop. Century 21 is one of my favourites because, of course the prices are great but they have a lot of one-of-a-kind samples as well. They go into all these fashion houses with cash, one of the big buyers is someone I’ve known for years. They clean out the room. The room was maybe filled with left over manufactured pieces.. but that was a sample, oh they never made it, that was down the runway or whatever, so you can find real treasures there and the price is always great. Anybody who goes to New York, I suggest they visit them. Another good place in New York – that’s where I shop basically – there’s this friend of mine who started this consignment shop, probably 20 years ago. Now she’s got about 6 of them and through the years she’s made connections and actresses and models and all kinds of people bring their things and many times models get gifts from designers and they never wear it, so she’s kind of the mecca of all of that. It’s a very, very good resource. It’s called INA (I just found it HERE and you can shop it online, OMG).

I’m going in a couple of months haha so I wanted tips.

Call me when you get there.

Oh I will.

(Patricia keeps thinking) You might be interested also, there’s this fashion rental place, it’s called ‘Albright’ (I found it HERE) She goes around and buys samples and runway pieces and so on and she has this really large place with all kinds of goodies in there and it’s not too far from my shop actually, I mean from the point of view of blogging about distinct places – I think that would be a good one. And one just opened up recently, he was a stylist, I guess he had a bunch of clothing and so he opened up a fashion rental place. It’s much smaller than Albright but he’s got interesting things and I just used him on this TV project I was talking about, actually it’s still shooting, originally it got scheduled earlier and they had casting problems and they kept pushing and I said, now you’re pushing, I can’t push with you, I have to leave at a certain date and they said, ‘Ok no problem.’ There was more or less a week left in the work but it was ok, it was done.

Question 6 (Michelle Rimmer from States of Style Blog) – My question is also in the same vein as in New York – I love New York, I’m sure we all do.

I love Perth. The grass is always greener, right?

I guess for us Melbourne is similar and the West Coast of the states is like Perth. So for us we love going to the different change of pace. Apart from your own store, where do you hang out..? The Sex & The City it was Meatpacking, now it’s seeming to be Lower East Side…Williamsburg, where do you suggest and where do you hang out?

Well I suggest Lower East Side and Brooklyn. I also suggest – but most people never do, but maybe it’s a bit more difficult to navigate – I also suggest the boroughs. I mean Brooklyn, where everyone hangs out in Brooklyn is right over the bridge, right across the river, it’s close. It’s close to the downtown we have. Williamsburg and Bushwick and Greenpoint now, they developed because Manhattan gets more and more expensive and young people cannot afford it. Those places used to be slums, literally, people used to say, ‘If you go through Williamsburg drive fast, lock your doors, don’t stop.’ Now it’s cool, it’s a mecca, it’s all the cool kids, it’s all the trends. I was born in New York, not in Manhattan but then my family moved down to Queens. I’m a New Yorker, a complete New Yorker, if you go to the boroughs like Queens, you know it’s the mecca of ethnic people, there’s so much culture all mixed in. In Manhattan it’s the elite. But the real New Yok that makes New York such a great city with the mixture of all those cultures, which you guys as Australians, I’m sure you’d understand.. It’s in the Bronx, it’s in Queens and of course it’s harder to figure out where and what’s happening in those places. It’s in Brooklyn. Willamsburg and Greenpoint, they’re right on the edge across from Manhattan but Brooklyn pushes way out wide and there’s Caribbean neighbourhoods, Arabic neighbourhoods. The food, the style, the culture, it’s all there! But nobody really, visitors don’t tend to get that far.

For example, Jay Z is a big owner in a new stadium that was built in Brooklyn, it’s called The Barclay Centre and I love it there because it’s so New York-y. When you go there, for me, it’s like ‘home town.’ When people come from outside they go to Madison Square Gardens, they would never go out to Brooklyn. So you just feel like it’s your home. For example when you come to New York, you should definitely get to The Barclay Centre. Whether its for a basketball game or a concert. You can just go on the subway, it’s 3 stops from Manhattan.

Michelle – we tried to do just that but when we got to Brooklyn we couldn’t figure out where everything was. I loved the architecture and it was quite homely (and quite scary), then we got a taxi to Willamsburg.

Not far from there, there’s the Brooklyn Museum, very beautiful, big old museum, and there’s the Botanical Gardens and those are all cultural things but right beyond there are these neighbourhoods. Blackridge Avenue where The Barclay Centre is, if you go beyond The Barclay Centre, along Flatbush Avenue, all of a sudden you’re in the Caribbean. What I suggest doing and maybe less daunting is to rent a car, get yourself a little map and itinerary and do it, go Brooklyn, Bronx. Aside from the Bronx, the Zoo, you have all these neighbourhoods like Arthur Avenue, it’s like the best sandwiches in New York come from there (little Italy), you (go there) and start to feel the beauty of what New York is about. I feel like most people when they come to New York, they go ‘big town’ but you don’t have to go to New York to see Louis Vuitton – it’s in every city in the world. But it’s hard to get into a city if you’re a stranger, the best is to have a friend that is your ambassador that can really get you in, then you can enjoy what it is.

Chelsey  – You might have lots of Australians hitting you up.

You’re welcome, you’re welcome..please don’t hesitate. I’m available, either email me, call my store, say we met in Australia, even if you walk in my store at the desk and you ask for me, I’m not always on the floor, but I’m there. Recently I’ve been in the shop more than in the last 10-15 years preceeding it because I was doing my expansion and I was getting a little bit, I needed a break from the TV but recently I started to get back into it – the Costume Design again. Anyway my office is downstairs, so I’m there but you may not see me but I’m there so if any of you happen to come, please ask for me at the desk!


Michelle – I have one more question – The Kim and Kanye vogue cover is so big right now and we’re getting saturated about information with it, what do you think about television reality stars becoming potential fashion icons?

(Pulls a funny face) I mean, I was over it even before it started actually, to be honest. I don’t’ understand it whatsoever. It is not interesting, it’s actually boring. And I’m ashamed of that Kim Kardashian who’s a fellow Armenian. And Kanye – I don’t understand it. It doesn’t mean anything, at least he sings. I never really got into his music, I don’t get his music. It’s some kind of commercial, I don’t know what genre it is. Really, if you find the answer, please call me. I don’t understand what is the fascination. It’s a very low level of intellect of culture in our society today. I find that really interesting, that’s the huge question for me. I don’t want to say anything bad about them, but I guess they’re making a lot of money doing what they’re doing. I’m sorry.

Question 7 (Agatha PW, model/Instagrammer) – What do you do for fun?

You know it’s a great question because lately I’ve been thinking about all that. My fun is my work. My work is my life and my life is kind of intergrated around my work, my friends are other people where we have things in common, whether it’s fashion or art or music or whatever and it all mashes together. Really the only thing that I do that I would say that’s not my work world are my two poodles and my outside interests which we were talking about..

(Patricia points to me due to our 45 minute conversation over coffee and cigarettes earlier in the evening).

I studied politics and philosophy, I didn’t study fashion. The T-shirt got me into a converasation.

(I wore – which said TONY ABBOTT IS SO LAST SEASON – as seen above)

So I love history and contemporary life of politics and philosophy and so on, so those are the two subjects not in my line of work that interest me. The main thing was, I wanted my role in business, like you guys you’re all bloggers, you opened up a whole independent way of living. I was always like that, I wanted my own business and fashion for me was the vehicle because fashion was easy (to me) and I understood business through my family. In the meantime my education was a whole other world, which I enjoyed but I never really hooked it up with a career. I continued to be vitally interested in it, whether it’s contemporary politics or philosophy, as a matter of fact, I’m like a caged philosopher that is caged by fashion.

Chelsey – maybe you could write a book about the philosophy of fashion.

Oh god. I would love to write a book, but it would be a lot of effort for me. My juices flow when I’m around people, I love the interaction. Sitting there all by myself and writing – but you guys do that and I admire that. Of course you go out in the world and you get your information but at the end of the day, you sit there and write.

I pipe up again and say I was up all the night before blogging the dinner at Nobu featuring her and hadn’t slept – story of my life.

I know the feeling.

Tonight is the big night (of the exhibition bump in) and then tomorrow morning we start early so I am the same, I don’t get to sleep much.

Agatha – What are 3 sentimental items in your wardrobe?

At the moment, I have this gift – it’s a powder blue mink vest and a friend of mine gave this to me, he’s Greek, he went to a Greek Furrier, it’s all embroidered with my name inside. It’s powder blue mink. When he gave it to me I was like, oh. And then it hung in my closet for a little bit which is normal for me. I kind of have to absorb it and I enjoy it so much because it’s so unusual after all, it’s POWDER BLUE MINK. I was saying the other day, at one point I was in Paris and I was a guest of John Galliano at Dior and he gave me these long gloves of shearling powder blue tie dye. The interior is the fur and the outside is this shearling tie dye and he also gave me a dress and it’s fierce and fabulous but let’s face it, where do you wear this? It’s like this warm fur thing and anyway so those two pieces they sat in my closet for a while, I didn’t use them even though I adored them, I had to find a way to work it and then when I got this fur vest of powder blue, I put those gloves on and the fur vest and it was like, perfect. The dress is still a work in progress though.

Question 8  – You worked for Devil’s Wears Prada and that film shows a downside of the industry so I wanted to ask, what is your downside?

Well because I have my own business, I feel that, that’s the solution to no serious downsides because for me a downside is when I’m boxed into something and I don’t have control. So because I have my own business, I’ve always been able to live free. I don’t really have a downside actually, as long as I can control my own life. I don’t want to control others, I just want control of my own life so as long as I feel that way, I’m happy. I don’t want to work for ‘The Man.’ I don’t have the temperament. When I was in school I was always getting bad results on my report card and it said needs to work at playing well with others. My mum used to say, “You don’t work and play well with others.” Ahh I do mum, I do.

Sarah Jessica Parker was quoted as saying you’re amazing at telling stories with your clothes. What was the story you were trying to convey throughout Sex & The City?

There were many stories throughout Sex & The City but I love telling stories through fashion, it’s a chance for the narrative. You want to communicate with people whatever you want to communicate through how you present yourself. So, I mean, through S&TC it was cosmic or fate because I was born in the city, I grew up in the city, I was 6 years, 7 years old going to the library down the street in the city so I would say it was organic to convey – but it’s very difficult to pinpoint something – it’s just a general ‘conveience’ of mood and attitude and experience, which in the end of the day you kind of describe as amassing all of this information and culture and creating your own blog about it.

Chelsey – There’s obviously a bit of fantasy out there, a scene when she runs down the street wearing a fur and pearls in the snow. Is that reality in New York or is that just a bit of creative fun with the characters, going a bit beyond?

It is reality to me, not only in my ideal sense but also in my experience of ‘during the high times’ of your life and conveying it and interpreting it, let’s say through Carrie in bed in her pearls and a Tshirt. You know I think life is wonderful when the imagination elevates it a bit, not to another planet, here on earth but on tip toes. And when I experience those times, I recognise them, enjoy them and they become part of my information bank or memory or something and then when I have a chance to express it, it’s there, waiting to go. I mean, I think that positive, a bit of comedy, laughter, it’s very important in the quality of our lives, that we can enjoy and when I see something that’s enjoyable or a way to express enjoyment, for me it’s my energy source. Like the pearls in bed or the pajamas and the fur coat in the snow.

Me – Is it something to aspire to for the viewer?

I don’t know if it’s that, for me, it’s a feeling I get and then if I have a chance to tell everyone, I do. I guess that’s my nature, you can’t shut me up.

Chelsey – that just blows my mind though, because it’s something that’s going on in your head as a creative outlet and you’ve made a decision based on a memory or a thought you’ve had and then it goes out there into the public and then

I pipe up again –  then women are then wearing pearls to bed?

Chelsey – I actually wore pearls to bed once because of it..haha

But you know part of it, especially with Carrie, Sarah Jessica Parker, she got it and sometimes she didn’t get it eventually but you know (clicks fingers) she got it. She’s tuned in. She loves fashion, she’s creative so she was a great partner to dance with. I always say, we did the Tango together. Because it takes two to Tango and if the actor doesn’t really understand where you’re coming from and doesn’t relate, it’s much more difficult to achieve that level. I have a private client – I don’t do that in general because it gets too personal and then it’s not fun but anyway her husband charmed me into it and I’ve worked with her for quite a few years now, several years and so right now she has me designing her closet. I’m like, ok. A closet. So I’m making her private, ‘key club’ world. It’s her closet but you just go in there and get dressed. For example it’s very hard for her – to fly with me – but I try to stay with it because her husband’s a sweetheart and she’s the kind of person that you could give her the treasure of the world and she would say, something INSANE like, oh can you get it for me cheaper, but it’s not even expensive, it’s cheap.! And you’re spending thousands of dollars for CRAP and I’m bringing her a treasure and you want to save $100 when you’re spending $100,000 on a carpet or something that’s horrible. So SJP, she got it and so it made it fun. As I say, it’s like doing the Tango. It’s Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers time and you know you need the partner to create that. So I hope that answers the question.

This is me talking now. Are you still there? If you are, I’m sure you don’t regret it! Phoah! Epic but amazing!

‘Til next time,

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Style & The City Launch


Friday April 4th was the launch of the Enex and Forrest Chase exhibitions, entitled ‘Style And The City’ featuring 24 costumes from world-wide hit show, Sex & The City. Style Voyeur and 4 competition winners were invited to attend the official launch event with Costume Designer, Patricia Field in attendance. Her first time to Perth and what a wonderful woman! The exhibition launch started off at Myer, Forrest Chase with 4 gowns from the episode where Carrie attempts to marry Mr Big – her stunning Vivienne Westwood wedding gown, along with the 3 Zac Posen numbers worn by Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda were revealed to excited guests. The further 20 pieces are showcased at Enex100 and boy what a dazzling and rare affair it is for us lucky punters over in the Wild Wild West to see these the flesh. We followed Patricia over there to hear her talk more about her experiences and life as one of the world’s most sought after Stylist and Costume Designer. This exhibition is exclusive to the Southern Hemisphere and most of the looks have never been displayed before… Seriously, do yourself a favour and go and check it out! The Style & The City Exhibition runs from April 4 – 1st May.


Patricia Field welcomes guests to the opening of her exhibition at Forrest Chase and Enex100

IMG_5504 IMG_5532 IMG_5524 IMG_5509 IMG_5499

Patricia talking to a fan, she says this is her favourite part of her job – meeting people!


The incredibly stylish publicist of the exhibition


Her shoes were to die for!


The excitement in the air was palpable

IMG_5661 IMG_5624

Now to reveal the Enex100 exhibition with 20 costumes from Sex & The City on display until May 1st

IMG_5563 IMG_5604 IMG_5609 IMG_5675 IMG_5573 IMG_56544 IMG_5599 IMG_5639 IMG_56688 IMG_5677 IMG_5625

Good bye Patricia, we love you!

My interview with Patricia is up next, so stay tuned for more. It’s not over yet!

’til next time,

xxx SV xxx

STM Patricia Field Dinner at Nobu


Last night STM, together with Enex100 and Forrest Chase hosted a dinner for Sex and The City Costume Designer, Patricia Field at Nobu. The event was super chic, guests were dressed to impress in their finest Sex and The City style wares and one of the world’s biggest fashion icons was in the house at Crown. I was backstage capturing all of the behind the scenes action with the latest trends presented on the runway for the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2014 season. All items from Myer, Forrest Chase and Enex100 and styled by Zara Bryson of Peach and Pineapple Co.


The one and only, Patricia Field. I will be interviewing her one-on-one today and am incredibly excited and not the least bit nervous (that’s a lie)! So watch this space! How amazing!


Backstage on the balcony of Crown’s Nobu Restaurant, possibly one of my favourite places in Perth


Olivia Donaldson waits patiently backstage before first looks


Impressive! This is an assistant worth holding on to


Olivia and Sarah just relaxing waiting to go on and looking ever so chic while doing so. Olivia, Ruth and Sarah from Fox 8′s The Face Top 12 (who I interviewed recently HERE, HERE AND HERE) were all there last night. How lucky are we!


Cat and Sonia




Last night was all about foursomes

IMG_5400-copy IMG_53400

Bronx knows how to werk it when wearing a Toni Maticevski gown with zip detail

IMG_5303 IMG_54133 IMG_5222 IMG_52277

Outfit from David Lawrence from Myer @Forrest Chase, accessories from Mimco, shoes from Nine West


Cat looking very Mad Men in this look, outfit by Jigsaw clothing


I must say I am seriously looking forward to winter, so many amazing options to wear this coming season. Outfit and accessories from French Connection @Enex100 and shoes from Nine West


This is actually looking rather Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, hey no one said I couldn’t make reference to other shows ;) All the same, I love it! Outfit from Marcs Clothing @Enex100 and shoes from Nine West


Great styling, amazing colours


I live for a knit dress. This is amazing! Tennis in winter anyone? The fluffy black coat is very cool too

IMG_543999 IMG_52366

Sarah Tilleke and Ruth Willmer from The Face working it backstage for the SV camera, how I’ve missed there girls!


Note the thigh high boots from Witchery, definitely a must-have for the upcoming season. Off to the gym we go, ugh!


Girls dressed as boys, dressed as girls


All models from Vivien’s Model Management

Congratulations to all on a truly fabulous evening!

So much more Sex and The City  and Patricia Field action coming to the blog this week so STAY TUNED!

‘Til next time,

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Style & The City Competition – Meet Patricia Field


Thanks to Forrest Chase and Enex100, 4 Style Voyeur readers have the chance to meet SEX AND THE CITY Costume Designer, Patricia Field!

STYLE AND THE CITY is an exhibition curated by Patricia Field, Costume Designer of SEX AND THE CITY and will be at enex100 and Myer Forrest Chase on the Ground Level from Friday 4 April – 1 May.

The 4 winners of this competition will be in a select group (120 only) that will be part of this intimate launch event which is held on 4.4.14. Patricia will give insights into the exhibition and behind the scenes of the show and you will be the first to view the exhibition in the flesh.

TO WIN: Follow @forrestchase & @enex100 on Instagram, regram the above picture from the @stylevoyeur Instagram page and hashtag #stylevoyeurcompetition by 9am Wednesday April 2. The winner will be announced by 12pm, Wednesday April 2.

On the day of the STYLE AND THE CITY exhibition launch, Enex100 & Forrest Chase are celebrating with Perth’s largest shopping party, which is free to the public! For more information on how you can get involved, visit - and follow the hashtag #styleandthecity. The STYLE AND THE CITY campaign is part of the AUTUMN/WINTER14 Launch by enex100 and ForrestChase. 

Can’t wait to meet you there!

xxx SV xxx

The Face Top 12: 5 Minutes With Ruth Willmer


The Face has come to Australia and in a crazily exciting turn of events, 5 out of the Top 12 models shortlisted to take part in the Fox8 series are from WA! For those who didn’t already know (btw where have you been) clearly, there really is something in the water! Watching these girls on TV is a bit of a trip for me after having worked with them all backstage over the years, so what better way to show you how truly gorgeous they are on the inside as well as out, than to share 5 minutes with each of them, day by day in this Style Voyeur exclusive!


Name: Ruth Willmer

Agency: Vivien’s Model Management

Age: 20

Hometown: Albany​WA

Current location: Albany WA


How did you get into modelling? I literally didn’t have any interest in modelling at all and was found on Facebook by Christine fox and then I was signed with Viviens and the next thing you know I was modelling and have been loving it ever since!

What was your first big break? Being on The Face has definitely just completely changed my modelling career already. Definitely the launch pad I wanted.

What has been your favourite job so far? Hmmm… that’s a good question. Every photo shoot, catwalk and showcase, I honestly love doing. It’s all such an honour every time someone wants to use me.

What is your favourite thing about modelling? Meeting people! I love talking to new people and working with them. When a team is together doing what they love to create something it’s just the best thing ever.

What is your ultimate beauty tip? Less make up is the best, half of the time I don’t even wear any. It’s good to let your skin breathe, especially with modelling. Using good mineral foundation when you do wear makeup is key also. I use Morgan Annie mineral powder, and the amount of compliments I get about my skin when I wear it is crazy. Look after your faces ladies

What are your ultimate travel essentials? Tooth brush and hairbrush! I swear I forget the simplist things every time!

What is the one piece of style advice you always follow? Don’t wear what everyone else is wearing. Be an individual. So many people wear what everyone else is because they’re too scared of what others will think. Dress to impress yourself, I say.


What do you do to stay fit? I do a lot of outdoor classes with my personal trainer, she’s the best. I like to do cardio, abs and arms mainly. But also do a lot to keep my legs and butt toned. I love it all really! Been training to keep my body in shape for the last year and I’m addicted to keeping fit now.

What are your favourite labels? Oooo wow. I have so many labels in my wardrobe but I can’t seem to pass up a staple. Always fits nice and looks good. That and converse, can’t get enough!

Who are your favourite designers? Ellery for sure.

Who is your favourite model inspiration? Naomi Campbell, who else.

What inspires you generally? My mummy!

What are your favourite hangouts in Perth? Well I don’t really hang in Perth as I’m in Albany. I’d have to say my favourite coffee shop there is Fredrick’s, best coffee going.

When you leave Perth, what do you miss most? In this case Albany, I literally miss everything. My home, my family, my friends, my cat, I could go on and on all day. Such a perfect town.

What are you currently listening to? I’m obsessed with drake atm, oh girl he’s just too redonk for words.


What are you currently reading? The night circus.

What do you do to kill time between castings/ on shoots? Facebook and Instagram, c’mon, every model does it don’t deny it.

What are you wearing right now as you do this interview? My leather cons, black chinos, a black top I scored at an op shop with my op shop buy which is a denim shirt tied around my waist and my new rad hat I bought the other day when I was in the city.

Where are you right now as you read this? Chillin on my bed.

What were you doing right before this interview? Working in retail, urban 280 is where it’s at.

What’s in your handbag? Wallet, phone, lipstick, mirror, tweezers, hand sanitiser, and my never ending collection of bobby pins.

What are some of your guilty pleasures? Tropicana packs at red rooster….. Gets me every time.

What are some of your biggest pet peeves? People who think modelling is always glamorous.

Where do you see yourself in 5/10/20 years time? Overseas, enjoying the sunshine.

What is your ultimate end goal in life? To not live in regret and live my life to its fullest potential.


This or That…

Heels or flats? Flats, did I mention I love my converse?

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Eyeliner or mascara? Mascara

Work or play? Work and play! You need one just as much as the other

Summer or winter? Summer, can’t get enough of it!

Stripes or plaid? Plaid

Flip flops or sandals? Flip flops

Scarves or hats? Hats!! So obsessed it’s not funny

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

Love or lust? Lurrrrve

Clubs or Dinner? Both?

Sleep in or get up early? Sleep in

City or country? Country

Night or Day? Ooo tricky, both I think

Jimmy Hendrix or Jimmy Barns? Miley Cyrus (don’t hate me)

Fiction or Non Fiction? Fiction

DVDs or cinema? DVDs, good for snuggling

Water or Champagne? Ha Champagne

Twitter or instagram? Insta! Get around me @ruthwillmer

’til next time,

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