5minWith Shanay Hall


Style Voyeur: What is a day in the life of Shanay Hall like?

Shanay Hall: A day in my life would be to wake up early from our little girl hitting us in the face and smiling about it, then off to daycare. For a few hours I would ride my bike, run errands for the house, yoga or gym. Go to a casting or shoot, it depends. Study for my Doula course, pick baby up, then head to the petting zoo, free play at home with Iyla, dinner and bed. Early nights all round for us!

What inspires you? 

Happy people! People who do good things inspire me. My boyfriend inspires me and my daughter inspires me every day! The pure innocence is bliss.

What makes you uncomfortable?

Not a lot of things but maybe not speaking German since I live in Germany now. It’s quite uncomfortable to sort every day house stuff out.

What qualities do you look for in a friend or lover?

Someone who’s reliable, that will be there always, trusting, good kisser, someone you can be on the same team with, a little romantic.


What do you love most about modeling?

Working with different people and traveling! Also being a new character for every shoot is fun, it’s like acting.

What is one of the funniest/ strangest things you have experienced whilst modeling?

Too many things. I was in India once and rode an elephant for a shoot in the streets and little kids were throwing water at me from the balcony.

What is it like to be a mother and a model? Do you find it challenging? How do you deal with this? Would you let your child model if she wanted to later in life?

I mean it’s hard sometimes as my job is spontaneous and not always planned and being a mum you need a plan and a schedule. Luckily Iyla is very cruisy and I have very supportive friends and family who can take care of her when I have work. I mean if she wanted to model as her own choice, of course I’m not going to stop her from being who she wants to be. I would go with her though and guide her into making the right decisions. I would encourage her to finish school and study something though.

What do you do when you’re not modeling?

Being a mummy, studying to be a Doula which is a birth coach. It’s a role that supports mothers in labour through child birth. I also love to make fresh cashew milk.


What are a few of your favourite Perth haunts?

Rottnest Island, Kent Street Deli and Bib and Tucker

What are a few of your beauty tips you can share with us?

Warm lemon tea in the morning! A good healthy diet, little alcohol, fresh air, healthy mind, homemade face masks, eat your greens and chia seeds! Oops I’ve said too much.

What do you do to stay in shape?

Ride my bike and run after a 22 month old!

What do you eat for breakfast?

I’ve been making Bircher Muesli with grated apple, walnuts and cashews, topped with fresh berries and manuka honey. It’s my fave or if I’m out to breakfast I’m such a sucker for eggs florentine.

What would you consider your greatest achievement to date?

That’s a hard one, so many things. Finding the man of my dreams!

What is something you would tell your younger self?

That your heart will be mended with time and to love yourself no matter what because you are awesome.


This or That?

Chocolate or Cheese - Cheese

Work or Play - Play

Snow or Beach - Beach

Night or Day - Night

Fiction or Non-Fiction - Fiction

Coffee or Cake - Cake

Shower or Bath - Bath

Yoga or Pilates - Yoga

Water or Wine - Wine

Club or Dinner - Dinner

Checks or Stripes - Stripes

Twitter or Instagram - Instagram @naisydaisy_

#5minwith is an ongoing personal project by photographer Stef King, shot exclusively for Style Voyeur..

Shanay is with IMG Models Worldwide

5minwith photographer: www.stefking.com.au   

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WA Screen Awards – Red Carpet


The 26th Annual WA Screen Awards kicked off with a bang, snap and crackle on Monday night at the incredibly chic and perfectly apt Heath Ledger Theatre, hosted by comedian Claire Hooper. Claire was a breath of fresh air on the night, guiding us through the two and a half hour long ceremony with ease, grace and too many laughs to count. Boy what an INCREDIBLY funny legend she truly is!

The event was set to be our very own mini Oscars and it certainly achieved this feeling on the night with a dazzling red carpet for arrivals by the very best in Western Australian film production. Golden surrounds added the glitz thanks to the beautiful State Theatre Centre and silver Champagne was flowing every which way you turned. Celebrity spotting included the likes of Greta Scacchi (Looking for Alibrandi), Nelson Woss (Red Dog), Myles Pollard (Drift), Peter Rowsthorn (Kath & Kim), comedian Greg Fleet and actress Caroline Brazier (Packed to the Rafters) who enjoyed delicious canapes and glittering bubbles into the wee hours of the night.

The #WASA26 award winners were lucky enough to take home one of the brand newly designed statuettes created by Perth sculptor, Geoffrey Drake- Brockman – I feel honoured to say I got to hold one for a few moments because as you all know by now, I have scored myself a place within this industry as a Costume Designer and actually worked on a couple of the productions that won. Robert Connolly’s adaptation of Tim Winton’s The Turning won for Best Feature Film of which I played a small part in the short, ‘Adaptation’ Directed by Jub Clerc and Produced by (These Final Hours) Producer, Liz Kearney. The Legend of Gavin Tanner’s Matthew Lovkis, Henry Inglis and Lauren Elliott won the Curtin University, People’s Choice Award – a heartfelt moment for us all and a production I am thrilled to have been a part of.

Check out the SV beauties I found on the red carpet, below.

Above, Model Lucy Nicol.


A gorgeous young thing who caught my eye, not sure if he’s an actor but I could definitely watch him all day haha


FAMOUS FRIENDS! The one and only Liz Kearney, Producer and Director, Zak Hilditch of These Final Hours fame – fresh off the place from Cannes Film Festival and certainly ones to watch! These Final Hours has already received so much International attention and is FINALLY in cinemas on July 31st. You must go and see it ! Thanks to these two legends I can now call myself a real Costume Designer – they took a chance on an unknown kid and my god I am forever grateful for the opportunity and also truly lucky to have found them as friends.


What a couple of babes!


Actress Emily Rose Brennan won the award of Best Actress for her role as Trish in the Legend of Gavin Tanner, yay!


Stylin’ cowboy


Gavin Tanner himself, Matthew Lovkis with Actress Amanda Woodhams and Actor, Liam Graham

IMG_6730 IMG_6755

None other than the iinet Guy and Ben Sutton who’s production, The Fan won multiple awards on the night


Australia’s Next Top Model (cycle 4) contestant/ Actress Caris Eves with a friend


This beautiful woman wore a 40 year old gown that took over 24 hours to be sewn by Arabian couturiers


Dapper looking with a neat suit and slicked-back quiff. Nothing beats this hairstyle for gentleman if you ask me!


Screen West’s Adam Bishop and Actor, Liam Graham = babe city!


Aurelio Costarella Director of HQ, Paul O’Connor with make-up artist Andjelka Matic


Creative Legal Lawyer, Michael Tucak with Kath & Kim’s Peter Rowsthorn


The Legend of Gavin Tanner Cast & Crew. Photograph by Richard Jefferson 


Matthew Lovkis and co. accepting their award on stage in the Heath Ledger Theatre.

L-R: Host Claire Hooper, Writer/Director Henry Inglis, Matthew Lovkis (aka Gavin Tanner), Liam Graham who played Damo and Producer Lauren Elliott. These people are all my bestest friends and boy what a talented bunch of legends indeed!


Screen West’s Adam Bishop who won the prize of being my date for the night – inside the Heath Ledger Theatre. Haha actually he took me and yes I felt like a winner because of it ;)


Paul O’Connor, Andjelka Matic and Grant Capriotti saying good bye. Good bye!

For the full list of the winners, visit – if.com.au OR by clicking on the very first image of this post.

‘Til next time,

xxx SV xxx

5MinWith Simone Kerr


Style Voyeur:  What is is like to be Simone Kerr?

Simone Kerr: Really annoying because they always call out “Simon” when I order a coffee or ask if I’m related to some other Kerr.

What inspires you?
Passion for anything. Honestly caring about a cause.

What are a few of your favourite things?
This morning it was my electric blanket. Generally I like ballet, vintage and antique shopping, cheesecake, live music and my cat (except when half his white fur coat is on my black Burberry coat).


What makes you uncomfortable?
Grass and dogs (they give me skin allergies).

What qualities do you look for in a friend or lover?
Loyalty and humour.


What do you love most about modeling?
Travel and creativity.

What is one of the funniest/strangest things you have experienced whilst modeling?
Being stung by a deadly jellyfish while on location on the remote beach White Haven with Nicole Trunfio and the Grazia UK crew. Nicole made me a shelter out of sticks while we waited for the helicopter to take me to hospital and a photographer’s assistant pee’d on my foot. (Note: peeing on a jellyfish sting doesn’t work).At a L’Wren Scott fitting Mick Jagger teased me because of my tiny bum and L’Wren sewed chicken fillets (usually reserved for filling out bras) into some knickers for me to wear with a couture gown.

Both events strange and funny in equal measure.


What do you do when you’re not modeling?
I’m at UWA studying or working on my own dance wear label Balletto Body. I design all the pieces, personally package the orders and write every customer a hand written note inside the box. It’s time consuming, I can be up late into the night making sure everyone has a personalised note but it’s really important to me.


What are a few of your favourite Perth haunts?

The Moon Cafe in Northbridge and while I haven’t been yet, I think Bounce might become one of my favourite places!

What are a few of your beauty tips you can share with us?
Nothing too exciting; drink water, don’t smoke, wear sunscreen. Oh, and don’t exfoliate, it is so unnecessary and those little beads are terrible for the environment.


What do you do to stay in shape?


What do you eat for breakfast?
Weet-bix or eggs 


What would you consider your greatest achievement to date?

Having the courage to commit to starting my own business venture and stamp my name all over it.

What is something you would tell your younger self?
Stop exfoliating! And stop worrying.


This or That?

Chocolate or Cheese - Oh, come on! I want cheese on chocolate, thats not fair!

Work or Play - Play

Love or Lust - Love

Snow or Beach - Beach

Night or Day - Night

Fiction or Non- Fiction – Fiction

Coffee or Cake - Coffee Cake

Shower or Bath - Shower

Yoga or Pilates - Pilates

Water or Wine - Wine

Club or Dinner - Dinner

Checks or Stripes - Stripes


’5Minwith’ is an ongoing personal project by photographer Stef King shot exclusively for Style Voyeur..

“Its a great chance to get some of my all time favourite models and fresh new faces into the studio for a quick 5 minutes in front of the lens. The models choose their own styling and together we quickly put together a shoot theme and we just shoot and see where the images evolve, One of the most interesting, unexpected aspects so far is how different each model’s wardrobe is and how differently they pose in front of the camera when left to just do their own thing. The models come to the studio with no makeup on and the final images are barely retouched. Up next for 5minwith we have a few interstate models coming home from overseas and some very stunning new faces on my ones to watch list from Viviens and Chadwicks. I’m quite excited to see how the project evolves from here.”

5minwith photographer: www.stefking.com.au   

Model: Simone Kerr @viviensmodelmanagement @simikerr

Simone wears – her own label @ballettobody throughout, Burberry coat, Acne boots, @wheelsanddollbaby full skirt, @The_tiah pencil skirt

‘Til next time,

xxx SV xxx

Boob Confidence


As Kendall Jenner’s jumper states, I have no tits. It has taken me decades to come to terms with this fact and I’m talking AAA, not VIP.

My adolescence consisted of years of considering surgery, witnessing the epidemic of similarly small breasted women having surgery, pondering why half of the population seemed to have them, why I didn’t and how fair or not this was. As a young woman growing up there are numerous pressures society places on us and we place on ourselves – as westerners, our problems may very well be first world ones but they exist all the same. In the year 2014 that illusion of the perfect female form, be it the Victoria’s Secret models with their stick thin frames and unimaginably voluptuous breasts, the Lara Stones and Kate Uptons gracing the pages of the world’s glossy publications and silver screens or even the regular healthy mother image with baby in tow – all of these female figures we see, have breasts! And significantly significant ones at that. We see them as part of what makes a woman a woman, it’s natural. My mum used to tell me that in the 70′s no one had breasts and if you look back at old photographs from Woodstock etc. it does seem like less women did, all those hormones in the chicken these days they claim. Damn you mum for all the organic, free range poultry we consumed and for never allowing us to eat KFC whilst growing up, I would think! Not to mention my genetic disposition to flat chest-ed-ness! A thoroughly nourished body gained by a truly healthy mother meant nothing to me at the time because to have not been handed those fun little genetic accessories biologically – or without blood exchanging hands via cosmetic surgery – seemed, at the time, a very raw deal.

I speak in past tense because as I reach 30, I am starting to realise that coming to terms with who you are and liking, no, loving yourself for who you are and what you look like, really does take time – 30 years to be precise. It sounds like the biggest cliche ever written but IF ONLY we could tell our younger selves a few things we’d actually listen to. IT DOES GET BETTER! Hahaha. And for the record, it was never really to do with boys. It never is just to do with boys. In fact thankfully I’ve never suffered even the slightest negative remark from the opposite sex but what ever the case may be..whether you’re straight or gay, big breasted or small, tall or short, we all have our hang ups and hopefully we all find a way to overcome them and live peacefully with them, eventually. I no longer fear leaving the house without make-up, I look in the mirror bare faced and actually smile instead of frown at my reflection these days and the funny thing is, nothing has really changed – other than me. I embrace my body, small breasts and all and focus on how lucky I am to have ten fingers, ten toes, my health and a hell of a curvy bum! It is amazing how getting older and ‘becoming a woman’ really is a journey in discovering oneself from the inside, out and one certainly doesn’t become a woman through the growth of breasts or the ability to not wear make-up in public. It is through the art of coming to terms with, accepting and loving oneself for who you are and the beauty of being an individual. And from what I have learnt, it comes with time.

Failing that, you could start a blog and find heaps of successful, gorgeous and talented people who have the same issue as you do and post a visual bible of them to view and be inspired by daily. All of these women have all the money in the world to have plastic surgery, yet they choose to stay naturally small breasted because, well, they are proud to OWN IT! SO here is that visual bible for the small breasted women out there and for me! Enjoy!


Evan Rachel Wood by Terry Richardson


Azelia Banks by Rankin for Hunger Magazine


Agyness Deyn for Interview Magazine photographed by Craig McDean


Natalie Portman for Marie Claire US November 2013 photographed by Tesh


Lupita Nyong’o for Instyle Magazine, December 2013


Kendall Jenner for Interview Magazine


Emma Stone for Vogue US, May 2014 photographed by Craig McDean


Lou Diollon for Interview Magazine, photographed by Terry Richardson


Kate Bosworth for Oyster Magazine Australia


Emma Watson for ELLE USA, April 2014 photographed by Carter Smith


Sofia Coppola, unknown


Cara Delevingne for Interview Magazine, photographed by Mario Testino


Mia Wasikowska for Vogue Australia, photographed by Emma Summerton


Keira Knightly by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott


Charlotte Gainsbourg for 032c Magazine 2013, photographed by Karim Saldi


Olivia Palermo for Elle Ukraine April 2012 photographed by Andoni Arantxa


Rachel McAdams for Glamour Magazine USA, photographed by Alexei Hay


Kristen Stewart for GQ UK, photographed by Norman Jean Roy


Gwen Stefani by Steven Meisel


Paris Hilton for ELLE Magazine, photographed by Sofia Coppola


Jena Malone for Foam Magazine, photographed by Andrew Stiles


Claire Danes for Interview Magazine 2014, photographed by Fabien Baron


Katie Holmes by Tom Munroe


Kate Moss by Mario Testino


Selma Blair photographed by Michael Thompson


Zoe Saldana for Wallpaper Magazine


Freida Pinto For GQ Magazine


Olivia Wilde for Vanity Fair, photographed by Norman Jean Roy


Kate Hudson, unknown


Shakira for Escenarios Magazine, April 2014


Rose Byrne for Flare Magazine, photographed by Max Abadian


Sandra Bullock, unknown


Erin O’Connor for Oyster Magazine, photographed by Brooke Nipar


Leighton Meester for L’Officiel China, photographed by Alexey Yurenev

As superficial as this post may be, it certainly helps me!

Now if ever you find yourself thinking something negative or beating yourself up about something you can’t – or deep down know you don’t want to change, but at times dislike, remember this post and like a bible for the religious – you can always come back to it at your darkest hour. Much love!

‘Til next time,

xxx SV xxx

Alison Jade Cosmetics Campaign BTS


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have been asked to shoot behind the scenes of Alison Jade’s incredible cosmetics campaign, and boy what a magical day it was.

The campaign is now live on www.alisonjade.com.au and I am now able to share my documentation of this compelling work with you all. These models, Holly and Claire from Vivien’s were a force to be reckoned with on the day, drawing comparisons from us all to the likes of beauty icons Margot Robbie, Marion Cotillard, Denise Richards and Hilary Rhoda. The perfect curation of beauty personified by Alison and team for one of Australia’s most curated and respected beauty lines.

The team itself including Sydney/LA Based Fashion Photographer, Thom Kerr, Stylist Zara Bryson and Producer Caitlin Irving of Peach & Pineapple Co, along with beauty aficionado Rebekah Clark and Alison Jade herself on make-up, found inspiration from a Katie Grand LOVE Magazine cover story, yet took this campaign to a level more inspired than the idea itself.

As strange as it sounds, days like this and working on posts like this for Style Voyeur, truly inspire me to enjoy my life in the most fullest of ways. Alison Jade and her line of cosmetics are a testament to the richness, quality, inspiration, fragility and true beauty that make up life itself.


The Holly Young


Claire R who is officially still ‘in development’ at Vivien’s getting her make-up did #robelyfe


The model lyfe. Holly chilling ‘backstage’ with her matching phone and robe before being called on set for the Alison Jade Cosmetics beauty shoot


Pared back basics to let the make up shine, oh to be young

IMG_608999 IMG_6339

A bath filled with warm powdered milk was the backdrop


Beauty shooting for Alison Jade Cosmetics




Smiles all round :)


BEYOND sensual! It was almost hard to watch


In the zone, staying focused on holding oneself upright, modeling ain’t easy but they certainly make it look so

IMG_6232 IMG_61799

The strangest day on set in a while


Checking out the goods on a plasma whilst eating lunch


I love this shot


Here comes the Margot Robbie reference! Do you see it>? I do


Fragility, elegance and poise personified


Haiiii there haha


#robelyfe #modellyfe


This is more voyeur than style but I love it, tangled twins and a very interesting day on set

IMG_6369 IMG_624999 IMG_63744





Visit www.alisonjade.com.au for your very own piece of this beautiful world

Follow me on instagram for more @stylevoyeur

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In Loving Memory of Ruth Tarvydas


Ruth Tarvydas posing for Style Voyeur at the WA Fashion Awards in 2013.

Putting this post together has been a surreal experience for me. I have 5 years of WA fashion archives, so many fashion weeks, so many memories and Ruth a part of them all. It is hard to think of ‘Perth Fashion’ without her. She has shaped this industry like no one else and since 2008, Style Voyeur has been there to document all of it. Words really cannot describe my sadness in saying good bye.

I would like to share my condolences with Ruth’s family, those who loved her in the fashion industry and those who simply admired her and her work. This is a loving tribute to the original sparkle queen, a maverick, a visionary, a true original. A woman whose designs brought out the confidence in women and taught them to embrace their natural curves and enhance their inner sensuality through her jaw dropping creations. A woman who fostered creativity, helped talent grow and saw it where others could not see. A woman who inspired generations of budding young creatives, the likes of designers Aurelio Costarella and Ae’lkemi’s Alvin Fernandez and more recently, photographer Aaron McPolin and nurtured them as a generous mentor. A woman who taught WA fashion designers and creatives that it is possible to stay here, grow an empire and make waves internationally from little ‘ole Perth. A woman who not only started trends but practically founded an industry all unto herself through her sheer bravery, risk taking, enormous sense of fun and hard work. A women whose warm heart and soul touched each and every person she met. She was a legend and will always remain that way. Never to be forgotten, always missed.

The good die young.


Models backstage at Perth Fashion Week 2012 wearing Ruth Tarvydas creations


Pretty and feminine, models backstage at Perth Fashion Festival 2010


A model wearing Ruth Tarvydas backstage at Perth Fashion Festival 2008 with mannequin face painted by make-up director, Bobby Bujisic


Perth Fashion Week, April 2012 with model line-up including Miss Universe Australia’s Renae Ayris and Actress/Vivien’s model, Courtney Eaton


Sarah Pauley wearing a backless Ruth Tarvydas satin gown backstage at Perth Fashion Festival 2010, the year she was the face


Ayor Chuot backstage rocking some serious sparkles and cut outs at Perth Fashion Festival 2009


Emily Cattermole, Face of Perth Fashion Festival 2009 wearing Ruth Tarvydas and 80′s hair backstage in 2009


Hollywood star on the rise, Courtney Eaton wearing Ruth Tarvydas sequins backstage at Perth Fashion Week 2012


Ruth with model Bronx Whitehorn backstage before her show at Perth Fashion Week. I will never forget the hair that night, done by Kevin Murphy’s team. Truly original and magical in every way!


Brittany Nichols wearing Tarvydas backstage at Perth Fashion Week


Model Holly with Ruth backstage at Perth Fashion Week. The tulle on the model’s head was such a mystical effect, creating the appearance of smoke. Very original and effective for the runway


Regal sensuality ensues at Ruth Tarvydas SS12


Enough sequins to sink a ship! The original sparkle queen


This would have to be my favourite Ruth Tarvydas dress of all time – Spring/Summer 2012


Victoria’s Secret photographer Russel James with Lord Mayor, Lisa Scaffidi looking stunning wearing Ruth Tarvydas at the Opening of Perth Fashion Festival in 2010, styled by me


A shoot featuring top model expat Tom Bull with girlfriend Tia Hayes for Style Voyeur story ‘Tom and Tia’s New York Dream’ posted in April 2013 and photographed by Victor Tortch. Tia is wearing a gown by Ruth Tarvydas in their apartment in New York City. Styled by Whitney Chalmers


A guest wearing one of Ruth’s famously sensual cut out dresses at the Times Square boutique opening in Claremont, December 2012


Ruth Tarvydas with photographer and protege, Aaron McPollin at her Times Square boutique Opening in December 2012. Ruth commissioned little known photographer, McPolin to shoot her latest campaign – seen pictured behind. That night Ruth was telling everyone she could what an amazing creative he was. She was truly an inspiration to many aspiring creative visionaries and clearly did everything she could to give opportunities to those she deemed talented. Ruth always aimed to help grow our industry and nurture young creatives and she did so for her entire career. She was a rare breed. A rare gem. A truly shining light on this earth and now a shining star in the sky.


Ruth and I at her Times Square Claremont boutique opening December, 2012.

Love you Ruth!

Rest In Peace.

‘Til next time,

xxx SV xxx

The Butcher And The Crow AW14


Designer Elisha Quintal of The Butcher and The Crow previewed her AW 14 collection to the industry last week at the new and super chic, soon to be licensed bar, RiverView on Mount.

The collection shown on the night simultaneously launched the label’s online store – www.thebutcherandthecrow.com



Holly & Evelyn backstage

IMG_6503 IMG_64855

Vivien’s Model and The Face runner up, Sarah Tilleke graced us with her presence, workin’ it for SV like the total legend that she is, as always!

IMG_645777 IMG_64500 IMG_6470 IMG_647444

Grady the amazonian woman


Fresh of the plane from New York City, Stirling Caiulo shows us his pink bits


Grady, Maile and Topaz

IMG_6443 IMG_6491 IMG_6439 IMG_6495

Stirling and Paris backstage

IMG_6479 IMG_6469

Fresh faced Vivien’s model, Topaz. One to watch according to The Studio’s Jacqui Brown


Scene’s Evelyn Leckie, stunning as always


Sarah shows us The Face


Group shot! All models wearing The Butcher and The Crow


‘Til next time,

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All © Style Voyeur 2012