Suited The Champagne Event


Backstage at last Saturday’s Suited event.

For designers and witty commentary, inquire within.


The forever stunning Evelyn Leckie


Rachel wearing Bruug


Bruug girls


Caris and Evelyn wearing House of Skye


House of Skye – above and below

IMG_8595 IMG_885446

Pip and Grady spreading the love


neutral tones courtesy of Bruug

IMG_9029 IMG_8601

Pocket Rockets


The one and only Jacqui Brown doing what she does best all whilst keeping a calm disposition


Blurry but beautiful with Something Borrowed


Evelyn Leckie wearing Bruug


Madeline and Rachel


Something Borrowed take two

IMG_8622 IMG_8673 IMG_9045

Mega babe Zach Graham


Kicking on after 3 shows with these legends


Caris winning at the effortless duckface

Good night

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5MinWith Georgia Gibbs


Style Voyeur presents #5minwith

Name: Georgia Gibbs

Age: 19

Hometown: Perth, based in Melbourne.

Agency: London MGMT Group


Style Voyeur: How did you get into modeling? It all started when I took an interest in fashion when I was thirteen and would go shopping with my mum. All the assistants would ask if I was a model or told me I should be. I figured, why not give it a go? I auditioned for Australia’s Next Top Model and reached the top 25 and it all spiraled from there.


Where do you want to be in 5 years? To have finished my double degree in Journalism and Business studies, be working as a model and presenter, whether it be news or lifestyle. I also want to have seen some of the world and experienced different cultures and landscapes.


A day in your life is? Hectic, fun, stressful, usually silly and fulfilling.

What are a few of your favourite things? Travel, a visit to the beach, good company, acoustic music and Nutella.

Describe your personal style? My style changes most days but a lot of the time I love feminine accents like florals, shades of blue and green and flowy materials. When I dress feminine I find I dress well for my body shape and I feel good.


Do you look up to any models? Simply Cara. Everyone loves a good ‘against the norm’ personality.

Do you have any hobbies or interests no one would know about? I happened to dance for years. And I love learning. I’m a bit of a book worm at heart.

What inspires you? Someone who is driven, chases their goals and makes their dreams a reality.


What makes you really uncomfortable? Whispering in my ear, it really freaks me out!


What are a few of your favourite Perth haunts? Little Creatures in Freo. Elixir cafe if you’re a brunch girl like me, Kings Park for a jog with a view and Mullaloo Beach for some much needed relaxation.


What do you eat for breakfast? I have poached eggs and spinach. If I have no time it’s All Bran with Chobani and berries.


What do you think is the most important thing in life? I think it is definitely appreciating the small things and the people around you!


Georgia is on Insta & the twitts @georgiagibbs_

#5minwith is an ongoing personal project by photographer Stef King shot exclusively for Style Voyeur

Stef King –

Georgia wears black lace bralettes and underpants by @aimee-cherie_intimates


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5MinWith Sam Barrett

Sam 5

Style Voyeur is proud to be back in 2015 with more awesome #5minwith collaborations. First up we have Vivien’s brand new face, Sam Barrett! My god, get ready for this guys – she will knock you over and have you asking what just happened to the past 15 minutes of your life because you got so lost in those damn eyes!

#5minwith is an ongoing personal project by photographer Stef King, shot exclusively for Style Voyeur.

Name: Sam Barrett

Age: 16

Hometown: Perth, WA

Height: 5″7

Sam 2

Style Voyeur: What’s it like to be Sam Barrett? It’s really exciting at the moment. I’m finishing up my last year of school and am being given all these opportunities, which I am so thankful for. I feel that I am right where I want to be and now I am ready to go wherever my life shall take me. The possibilities are endless and that is so exciting to me.

How did you get into modeling? It all started a few months ago, when I was scouted by a lovely lady called Charlie on Facebook. She sent some pictures of me to Christine from Vivien’s who then said she’d really like to meet me. Within a day or so I met Vivien’s and was signed. I was incredibly excited.

Where do you want to be in 5 years? It would be an absolute dream to be on the cover of Vogue! I hope to do some traveling and to see all of the beauty that life has to offer, though I love being able to just take every day as it comes and take on all of the wonderful opportunities that life presents me with.

What about in 10 years? I see myself being at the pinnacle of what was hopefully a successful modeling career, and to have pursued both acting and singing as well. I, of course hope to have found love and I definitely see myself having a family in the future.

Sam 4

A day in your life is? You could say it is eventful. I wake up early each morning so that I am ready for whatever it is that I will be doing. I go to school every day and when I come home it’s time to do some studying and chores. I like to go running or for a walk to help clear my mind and relax. I’ll then have dinner and spend some time with my beautiful family.

What do you eat for breakfast? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and my favourite meal for sure so I always have something good. I love ‘bliss balls’ at the moment which I make myself with fresh dates, nuts, seeds, coconut and raw cacao powder. Can’t get enough of them.

What are a few of your fave things? I’m in love with turtlenecks right now, fresh figs from my garden at home, Sam Smith’s voice and I put peanut butter on just about everything.

Do you follow any blogs, which ones? I find ‘Humans of New York‘ quite interesting. It’s so raw and there are some beautiful stories on there of people’s life journeys.

Sam 1

Describe your personal style? I like to keep things simple and chic with just a bit of quirk. A lot of denim, simple shoes like boots or sneakers, black and white tees but with a statement piece like a really cool vintage piece of jewellery or a kimono.

Do you remember the very first time you noticed the world of fashion? Since a very young age I’ve had such a great intrigue with fashion. I would beg my mum to buy me all the fashion magazines I could get my hands on and would sit and look through them for hours just admiring it all. I had such a fascination with dolls and would create clothing for them with my Mum’s fabrics, then I’d put on little catwalk shows for them.

Do you look up to any models? I’ve always loved Gemma Ward. She’s breathtaking and it makes me so proud to know that she is a Perth girl and that Vivien’s is where it all started for her.

I hear you do ballet, how long have you been doing it for? I started dancing when I was four years old and have always found a lot of happiness in doing it, ballet especially. I had a break from dancing last year but I’ve gotten right back into it this year, which has been amazing. I’m so grateful for my background in dancing for teaching me grace, elegance and a lot of self-determination and discipline.


What inspires you? Strong, determined and beautiful women are definitely something that continues to inspire me. My mum is one of those women and has always been an inspiration to me.

What makes you feel uncomfortable? If I feel like I’m worrying about something too much or stressting over it then I might get uncomfortable. I think it’s so important to live within every moment and just enjoy the ride.

What qualities do you look for in a friend or lover? I like people that are passionate and loyal and having a great sense of humour is always wonderful.

What do you love most about modeling? The amount of creativity that goes into it. I love being someone’s canvas and seeing all the different looks that are created with that. Seeing the joy on people’s faces when a photo turns out well really energises me. Every experience I have had in modeling so far has been memorable and special in its own way.

Sam 3

What are a few of your beauty tips? Drink plenty of water everyday, don’t forget to moisturise and eat nutrient dense foods.

What do you do to stay in shape? I do a lot of dancing which is both fun and great for exercise. I love running and swimming also.

What would you consider to be your greatest achievement to date? I learnt to cook a few years ago and I consider myself to be pretty good at it. My friends and family are always requesting I make my recipes for them, which is super flattering!

With thanks to Vivien’s Model Management.

Follow Sam on instagram @samantha.barrett

Photographer Stef King –

‘Til next time,

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A Year In Style Voyeur


2014 was a year filled with fashion shows, Triple A passes, silly antics, fun costume jobs, lots of hard work, wonderful family, the loss of loved ones, the growth of new friendships, a touch of sorrow, a lot of joy and many many beautiful moments.

As we bring in the New Year, I thought I would share some of my favourite Style Voyeur photographs from twenty fourteen with you all. Nothing brings me more joy than this! I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy taking them!

Kisses from me


A model wearing a headpiece by Heliopolis Accessories at the Sebastian Gunawan section of Opening Night for Telstra Perth Fashion Festival in September


Holly Young behind the scenes on the Alison Jade campaign shoot


The Face AU stars, Sarah Tilleke and Winner Olivia Donaldson at the Patricia Field dinner @ Nobu wearing pieces from Enex 100


Topaz Berger backstage at the Fremantle Fashion Collective show wearing Tindale


Ebony Hunter in blue at the TPFF Program Launch


SV behind the scenes at make-up guru Alison Jade’s Spring/Summer 14 collection campaign shoot with Thom Kerr and models Holly Young and Claire R (pictured). So many beautiful moments captured that day


Millicent Lambert at the Chalice Clothing show


Grey on grey on grey at the TPFF Program Launch


Ebony Hunter at Flannel

Style Voyeur 80

Rachael Grasso lightening the sombre mood at the Ruth Tarvydas Tribute show and making a very serious phone call while she’s at it


Amy Raats, Rachael Grasso and Sarah Wilson having fun at Flannel during fashion week


A moment at Michael Cinco, Opening Night of TPFF


Gwen Owen at Camilla during TPFF


Miquela Vos and Dana Whitehead backstage at Camilla. There were SO many fave shots from this show


Fabienne Vanderhaeghen wearing 33 Poets backstage at the Galvanised show as part of TPFF 14 after the Ruth Tarvydas tribute. An emotional evening celebrated with some strong women

Style Voyeur 6

Jess PW wearing Michael Cinco

Style Voyeur 45

Michael Cinco details at TPFF Opening Night


Hannah Collard getting zsuched backstage before the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Program Launch


Model and Artist, Matilda Dods at the opening of Topshop Perth


A moment backstage at the Lace & Button show at the Hyatt


Strike a pose! SV girls working their magic backstage at the Chalice Clothing show held at Venn Gallery


Ayor Chuot backstage at the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Program Launch earlier this year

Style Voyeur 17

Courtney Rogers giving herself a high five post show finale walk backstage at TPFF wearing Sara Winfield Swim and holding Australian wild flowers, an inspiration of the collection


The pic of the night delivered directly from the face of the event, Miquela Vos backstage at TPFF’s Resort + Swim show


a bevy of beauties in pink wearing high-cut one pieces designed by Bikini Atoll Swimwear at the TPFF Resort + Swim show just last month


Stunner Adell Robinson caught off guard showin’ us dem braces backstage at TPFF


Stirling Caiulo backstage at The Butcher & Crow show pretending to be a vulnerable model. This boy and his comrade Mason Roberts made my year backstage super fun with their ridiculous ongoing antics


Straight from high school, backstage at StyleAid


The beautiful Simone Kerr, a top model we are blessed to call our own @ Camilla during fashion week

xxx SV xxx

TPFF Resort + Swim Series


Yesterday afternoon was the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Resort + Swim show at The Royal Perth Yacht Club in Crawley. It was the most stunning setting and perfectly apt for a show themed around the water. Hundreds of yachts were docked right near the ‘runway’ and in a finale that wowed audience members with models wearing a sea of colourful one-piece bathers designed by Bikini Atoll Swimwear,  the show drew to a close at sunset – how perfect!

Backstage the models were freezing. We were situated right by the water with wind aplenty and that was myself included. I stupidly wore a very thin summer dress that was basically the same as wearing bathers, so for once I could really sympathise with what the poor beauties were going through. I usually dress too warm for everything and am dying of heat exhaustion backstage. Cannot win! We were almost blue by the end of it but such is the nature of the industry. No models were harmed in the making of this show!


After a warm bath at home (which all the girls were planning on doing too – who ever suggested that was genius!) I had some time to think about the night’s proceedings. A fun fact from backstage is the model brief for their walk was to ‘perform’ a ‘resting bitch face’ – possibly the term of 2015 and one I am very familiar with myself haha.

So many people who attended wore Camilla, but amazingly there weren’t any double ups from what I could see in the short time I was amongst the crowd to get water. So many bloggers with photographers in tow to capture the perfect shot of them standing idly by the river. The funniest thing I heard when leaving was someone saying to their friend: “I really feel like fish and chips now haha.” I actually ordered pizza for myself later that night, further proving that I can hang out with 45 stunning models wearing bathers for 4 hours and still go about my business as usual. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the fact of the matter is you certainly couldn’t do what I do and be a jealous person! I just love those little bunnies and how incredibly gorgeous they all are! One thing’s for sure, it certainly makes my job a lot easier!

Check them out below, killing it for my SV lens xx

IMG_8100 IMG_81960option2


IMG_82400 IMG_8276 IMG_81944 IMG_82098 IMG_81400h IMG_8312 IMG_82499 IMG_81811 IMG_8179 IMG_8293 IMG_8241 IMG_8185 IMG_8153 IMG_8150 IMG_8284 IMG_8261 IMG_8183 IMG_82299 IMG_8311 IMG_8129

This is First Base


45 shades of the colour wheel by Bikini Atoll Swimwear – incredible!


The pink hues represent!

IMG_8301 IMG_8299 IMG_8303

A group hug before walking the finale because everyone was freezing! Too cute! All those stories about bitchiness backstage with models and in fashion is such a load of codswallop! I have never heard of or seen an incident in 7 years – it’s all love!


Face of the TPFF Resort + Swim Series, Miquela Vos did such a stellar job! What an incredible babe!

Check out our #5minwith segment from last week which features an interview with Miquela herself, right HERE !


I also managed to get a nice pic from the lovely event photographer, Stefan Gosatti showing what I wore yesterday. I often feel my efforts getting dressed up for shows are wasted when I spend the whole time backstage, so it is a little bit special for me to get a nice snap sometimes. At least it makes me feel glad I didn’t wear PJs – even though I probably could have haha. My shoes are from Hobbs and the dress is vintage.

Thanks to Telstra Perth Fashion Festival for the hospitality, I got the exclusivity to shoot backstage and boy what a pleasure that is!

xxx SV xxx

5MinWith Miquela Vos


Style Voyeur caught up with the beautiful new face of Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Resort + Swim Series, Miquela Vos for our latest installment of #5minwith photographed by Stef King.

Name: Miquela Grace Vos

Age: 17 years old

Hometown: Perth, Western Australia

Style Voyeur: What’s it like being Miquela Vos? It’s very fun to be me at the moment. I’m entering the last year of my schooling and planning what I will be doing after school. Summer’s here now which is my favourite time of the year so I will be spending heaps of time at the beach, out boating and by the pool, as soon as school finishes.

How did you get into modeling? When I was about 13 years old, Caroline from Vivien’s chased me down the street at Claremont Quarter in to a shop to ask if I would be interested in modeling. I was extremely excited and wanted to start straight away but my parents wanted me to wait a year and get good marks at school, which would determine whether I would start modeling.


Where do you want to be in 5 years? I would love to be traveling the world, exploring places I have never seen before. It would be a dream to model for big designer labels and walking in shows around the world, especially Paris! I would also like to continue my studies if possible, doing something involved with sports science and nutrition.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Hopefully overseas pursuing modeling as far as I can. I would love to have my own business, either in Sydney or overseas somewhere too, but to be honest I’m not looking too far ahead in my life. I love just going with the flow and when new opportunities arise, I love seeing where they take me and how I can grow as a person.

A day in your life is? Very fun but busy! A normal day would consist of going to school all day where I hang out with my friends and concentrate on my studies. When I get home I either go to the gym or go to Pilates to keep fit and toned. After that, I study for a while and then I have some time to just relax and watch TV with my family.

What are a few of your favourite things? Absolutely love the beach and going out on the boat with friends and family. I have the biggest soft spot for honey (I got a honey jar for my birthday) and mangoes!

Do you follow any blogs? I follow a few but one that does stand out is @beautifuldestinations on instagram. It’s incredible to see all these amazing places around the world, it keeps me determined to keep fit and healthy and motivated with study so that hopefully modeling can take me to these magnificent places one day!


Describe your personal style? My style consists of my fab round sunglasses, a casual plain T or singlet, denim skirt or shorts and Birkenstocks. I just love my Birkenstocks.

Do you remember the first time you noticed fashion? Yes I sure do. I was obsessed with Vogue magazines and just loved looking at all the high fashion inside. I have probably around 20 Vogue magazines on my desk right now.

Do you look up to any models? LOVE Izabel Goulart, so fit and healthy and just an inspiration. Josephine Skriver is also an absolute babe. She seems so loving and down to earth.

Do you play netball? How long have you been doing it? I used to play a lot of netball, started in year 2. I loved playing with my friends and always rocking up and having a laugh but also working hard to build a strong team. Unfortunately due to injury and sickness, I have decided to give it a break this year so my body can recover but I will definitely return for trial U19′s State team next year.

What other hobbies do you have other than modeling? I love to scuba dive and explore Western Australia. I always go to new places around Perth and I always go up and down the coast on road trips with my best friend.


What inspires you? My parents inspire me. They always push me as far as they can so I can open up new and exciting opportunities.

What makes you uncomfortable? Those really weird situations in movies, just makes me feel so uncomfortable.

What qualities do you look for in a friend or lover? The best quality is when someone can just be him or herself around you and not hold back.

What do you love most about modeling? I love working with the incredible teams I am assigned to. Love working with amazing designers and creative teams. Every job I have ever been on has been so much fun in a unique way.

What is one of the funniest/ strangest things you have experienced whilst modeling? The funniest thing that I have experienced whilst modeling was when I was getting my hair done for a show. They couldn’t hold the low pony tail to tie tightly so the lady had to stand in front of me and hold the hair still but accidentally put her boob in my face for about 5 minutes. Was hilarious!

What are a few of your favourite Perth haunts? Grill’d, love a good burger. Also love Bib & Tucker at Leighton Beach.

What are a few of your beauty tips you can share with us? Always look after your hair, it can get so unhealthy so quickly. Treat your skin well, always moisturise. Less is best when it comes to make-up too :)

What do you do to stay in shape? I do loads of pilates, go to the gym and swim heaps.

What do you eat for breakfast? Normally I have greek yoghurt with frozen berries and 1/2 a cup of mixed nuts – then I load it up with honey.


What would you consider your greatest achievement to date? Being invited to attend a huge training camp with other states at the AIS Netball WA.

What do you think is the most important thing in life? My family. I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

You are the face of Telstra Perth Fashion Festival’s Resort + Swim Series, is that exciting? I still cannot believe it! I was extremely excited when I found out that I would be the face! I feel so privileged to be representing TPFF. Something I wasn’t expecting, that’s for sure!


Chocolate or Cheese - Chocolate

Work or Play - Play

Love or Lust - Lust

Night or Day - Day

Fiction or Non-Fiction - Non-Fiction

Coffee or Cake - Cake

Shower or Bath - Bath

Water or Wine - Water

Club or Dinner - Dinner

Checks or Stripes - Stripes

Twitter or Instagram - Instagram @miquelavos


#5minwith is an ongoing personal project by photographer Stef King, shot exclusively for Style Voyeur.

Stef King –

Model: Miquela Vos from Vivien’s Model Management wearing Aimee-Cherie Intimates and model’s own Calvin Klein bra and jeans

Styling: Emily Howlett

‘Till next time,

xxx SV xxx

Polytechnic West – UMBRA


I have only been to one Polytechnic West show and it was years ago so I had no idea of what to expect. At the time I had been in the throes of costume work for the web series Ashbeclee (which you should be watching btw – check it out HERE) and so pulling myself away to wear the SV hat during that busy time was a bit hard. If I’m honest, I only attended this show because my beautiful costume assistant who has helped me on various film productions over the years, Holly Mumford was a student graduating. She has literally told me about her course for 3 years so how could I not see her graduate! Her collection was something I needed to see in the flesh and I was so glad to have made it.

I genuinely had no expectations for the quality of work on display and it wasn’t even because of this that I was impressed. The students really and truly did a fabulous job with some genuine talent on show for all to see at Claremont Showgrounds. I’m sure it is a testament to the teaching quality at PW also. Unfortunately it was VERY hard for me to get the sort of photos that I like to take, from backstage of course, as every single person working on the show tried to block my access at every turn. Again it is because of my loyalty to Holly that I stayed and didn’t give up entirely but I still did manage to get some great coverage and I’m sure you will enjoy it very much!

From all the grad shows I have seen this year, it is clear to say that Polytechnic West is a genuine option for students wanting to forge a career path in fashion design. The quality of their ideas and work was up there with the best of those who graduated from the slew of Fashion & Textile courses this year. Well done all!


Beautiful Holly Mumford and one of her models, Holly’s collection is also featured above and below before the models walked the runway.

I don’t know the names of all of the designers so if anyone would like to comment, please feel free to fill me in.

IMG_7309 IMG_7421 IMG_743000 IMG_7148 IMG_7395 IMG_7173

Beautiful, ethereal brides by Jasmine Nash, above, below and under

IMG_7123 IMG_73822 IMG_7374 IMG_7234

Mason Roberts wearing Claudia Fallon paired with a gas mask, as you do!


Stunning lingerie inspired ensembles by Rosemaree White


Miquela Vos wearing Rosemaree White, also below – blurry but still worth it! How gorgeous!

IMG_74944 IMG_7567

Gwen Owen wearing Jessica Jones


Bridget Flint also wearing Jessica Jones and below

IMG_75171 IMG_75847

The Wicked witches from the West, also by Jessica Jones who absolutely killed it! Bravo


All of the stunning models from Vivien’s Model Management

‘Till next time,

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