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Every year I do some sort of survival guide in preparation for fashion week combat because, in my opinion embarking on a fashion week can be likened to battling for survival on the front line. Last year I brought you HOW TO SURVIVE ANOTHER FASHION WEEK, the year before it was SV’s SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR FASHION WEEK COMBAT – and while I’m sure you can still get a lot out of those posts for the upcoming Telstra Perth Fashion Festival (starting TODAY!!!), I thought we’d take it in a different direction this year. Quite frankly – we’ve already had enough war in the media to deal with. Thanks to Photographer Greg Lewis, SV brings you IT’S CALLED FASHION, LOOK IT UP! with an inspirational, behind the scenes look into the top shows at New York and Paris fashion weeks. Just the very thing to get you in the mood.


Greg Lewis is a Perth born, Internationally based photographer who after working in Australia, moved to New York City from 2011 – 2013. While there he shot advertising and fashion in NYC, Paris and Tokyo and worked for various publications including The New York Times.

Back home now for a brief stint, enjoying his time with family and friends, Greg caught up with Style Voyeur to bring you this awesome collection of archives from the Autumn Winter and Spring Summer shows of 2012, sharing his memories captured in true SV voyeuristic style from the top fashion capitals.


“When fashion week comes around (in the major cities) most of the industry comes to a standstill. The people who actually work in fashion but not on the shows such as photographers and advertising executives suddenly have time off to party. It is a good excuse for everyone to get loose and meet the rest of the industry. When I had the opportunity to shoot the shows in New York and Paris, instead of just partying, I jumped on board.” Greg tells SV.

“I was very intersted to see the inner workings of this ‘circus’ that is fashion week. Being backstage, I guess I was an outsider looking in and I approached it very voyeuristically and wanted to observe the goings on, rather than interfere.”

“I gained a massive appreciation for the designers and their teams and all of the crew backstage. What I love about any creative industry is that most of the people would be here with or without the money. Take Bill Cunningham for example. You can see the love and energy put into all of this.”

Above: The legendary, Bill Cunningham


Karlie Kloss

_DSC1941 _DSC2708

Maryna Linchuk in Look 19 from Christian Dior Spring Summer 2012


Miranda Kerr wearing Dior in Paris


Vivienne Westwood in Paris

_DSC2817 _DSC2823 _DSC2055

Backstage at Dior in Paris

_DSC2478 _DSC1637

Lindsey Wixson


Hanne Gaby Odiele


Jourdan Dunn


Daphne Groenevold


Ginta Lapina

_DSC1511 _DSC1412

Beautiful hair & make-up backstage on Caroline Trentini at New York Fashion Week

_DSC1420 _DSC0967

Beehives backstage

_DSC1586 _DSC1284

Josephine Skriver having her make up did


Arizona Muse


Lindsey Wixson amongst the bedlam

_DSC1914 _DSC1930 _DSC3832 _DSC1230

Designers featured included: Dior, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang and Vivienne Westood.

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Lessons Concept Store


I would like to think I have a pretty good grasp on which events are really worthwhile attending these days, so when I received my very thick and serious looking hard copy invite to the launch of Lessons Concept Store in Fremantle, I just knew something cool was brewing. The details of the event were kept so secret – no one had any idea of what we were getting ourselves in for when approaching the event. It wasn’t until we arrived at this dungeon-like entryway in the pitch black of the night that our interest really started to peak. It was actually quite scary and with much anticipation it became clear that strangeness would ensue upon entry.


As we walked underground we were greeted by bartenders clad in balaclavas and deep brown leather butchers aprons, standing in literally every corner of this massive space. Fully stocked bars offered speak-easy style drinks and smoke and incense filled the rooms coming from rusty copper stands, reminding me of a traditional smoking ceremony at a funeral. Black feathers covered the floors and it seemed as though everyone was wearing head to toe black – with the odd dash of monochrome thrown in. The clothing available for pre-order on the night (also practically entirely monochrome) hung from meat cleaver-like hooks against chipped, heritage listed walls that stood 150 years old – lit up by candlelight. Oak coloured chesterfields were sat on by crew, an old-school barbershop was running like it was the 1920′s and the smell of rum permeated the senses as though it was moonshine during prohibition. It seemed like almost everyone had tattoos covering their entire body, which in fact matched perfectly with the framed artworks strategically hung on walls. There were hipsters, professional footballers, models, buyers and even Mexican, Day of the Dead style skull mask-wearing waiters.

We played pool (that I sucked so badly at – to the obvious disappointment of my date), we listened to some seriously epic tunes mixed by the DJ and his cohorts and ate and drank with the coolest of cool kids until close to midnight.


The owners who are some of the coolest, yet humble kids I have met in a long time, aim to use this unique boutique space as a cultural hub – offering specialty coffee and high-end streetwear and are set to house monthly events such as exhibitions, fashion soirees and the like. The clothing they stock has been handpicked from around the world with labels such as Melbourne’s PAM, Bali’s ‘This Is A Love Song’ and London’s Adyn Clothing and KTZ ‘Kokon to Zai’ – who remarkably is part designed by a Perth boy I know named Jeromy Lim.

All in all, I’m so glad I made the unusual effort to venture to Freo on a Friday night because it was DEFINITELY well worth it. Cool kids, I guess have their name for a reason. It was pretty cool indeed.

Top: Ashlee and Gaby hanging out, above: black feathers spread across the floor in a creepy fashion on Packenham Street and a boxing outfit hanging from what looked like a meat cleaver


Balaclava babes


Models Sean Penney and Gabrielle Sullivan – Sean doubled as a bar tender that night too


If these walls could talk I think they may have some scary things to say but that is also what gives this space such character


The stunning Emmi Moore – PR and model extraordinaire


Billie & Rose owner, Pippa McAuliff and her partner Chris

IMG_9952 IMG_9966

Old school playboys stacked on coffee tables

IMG_99645 (Mike Hoath)

Some of the photos in this post are thanks to this guy and I promise he’s not a creep #justababe – checking out the playboy stash in between stealing my camera. Nice to find a few pics of me in my camera for once haha


Conor who is one of the founders of this fair establishment on the left (and what a very fine person he is indeed) with his DJ buddy, killin’ it on the right


Accessories for the boyz


Me and Conor, Conor and I – pic thanks to Mike Hoath


Check out those walls


Model Grady Wulff and her buddy sitting on some sort of creepy chair/swing


The fit out was exceptional, very ‘effortless chic’ but I’m sure it was high maintenance to achieve


Someone not wearing black

IMG_99945 IMG_01099 IMG_99611

Being forced to pose for a snap between shooting some pool


Another shot by my friend, everyone was posing for him – they must have known it was SV’s lens!


Clearly in love with Gabrielle Sullivan – so nice to have genuine friends in this industry, awww check us out!


A sporadic, seemingly unintentional snap of a dude with a wide-brimmed hat and a serious beard – NB: I wasn’t lying about the tats!


Thanks for having me Dani, Conor & Jake!

Check out Lessons on instagram @lessonsconceptstore

online HERE

Visit: Basement. 1 Packenham St, Fremantle. WA

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Chalice Clothing Show


Last night Chalice Clothing presented their new collection at Venn Gallery in Perth to a who’s who guest list curated by hosts Nadia Rosa and Emmi Moore of Co Creative Agency. The Champagne cocktails were STRONG, the models were HOT and the fashion was FRESH.

It’s so nice to see labels like this emerging into the market, originating in WA. Beautiful, affordable, wearable pieces that are perfectly suited to our climate. I want everything! Details to find out more about Chalice Clothing below.

The strange fluro lighting backstage somehow worked out in my favour. This post was so much fun to do and has turned out pretty awesome, even if I do say so myself haha… Enjoy!


Before the show, Millicent Lambert wearing models own clothes and what a babe she is!


The shoe of the season – slides


Jess PW and her different mismatching socks before the show haha


A little eskimo taking off her toe nail polish and looking as cute as ever. Ahhh Sarah, I love you


Peek-a-boo Gaby Millie and Sarah peek-a-boo


Mini photoshoots before the show – Sarah, Gaby and Millicent wearing Chalice Clothing

IMG_9764 IMG_9790

Jess, Mikhaela and Nika working their SV magic


Sarah, Millie and Gaby joined by Ebony Iris for a mini SV photoshoot before the show


Hair and make up for Chalice Clothing on the stunning Millicent Lambert


I was actually pretty tipsy after two Champagne cocktails last night haha! I don’t always drink at events but after a week of styling test shoots, I felt the need and boy were they strong drinks. They caught up on me before I could even realise haha! I haven’t consumed alcohol in a couple of weeks and they were so deceiving and so so strong, yet delicious! Luckily I take even better photos when I am drunk haha ;)


Change times are ALWAYS frantic backstage but the girls know to rock it for my camera in a matter of seconds between looks. What a bunch of legends!


So nice to have Sarah back in Perth for her studies, here she is with fellow beauty, Jess PW


Time to line up


Nika and Ebony about to walk onto the runway


Very dark but very beautiful

IMG_9858 IMG_98611 IMG_9859 IMG_9876 IMG_98500 IMG_98888 IMG_9882 IMG_98933 IMG_9879 IMG_98288 IMG_99199nonoise

What a stunning bunch of girls in their final looks from Chalice Clothing’s runway show at Venn

SV backstage

This shot pretty much sums me up – taken by Vocenesque Alan

All models from Vivien’s Model Management

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To see more from Chalice, click HERE

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Spring Unveiled


Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Spring Unveiled Gala and Fundraiser in support of the Miracle Babies Foundation. The event welcomed spring fashions from some of Perth’s emerging designers and showcased new collections from more established retailers. An audience of VIP guests, the media and members of the organisation were presented with a fashion parade, charity dinner and silent auction on the night.

Miracle Babies was established in 2005 and is Australia’s leading organisation supporting premature and sick newborns, their families and the hospitals that care for them. Guests enjoyed pre-drinks, canapes, piano performances, live models and art deco surrounds in Hyatt Regency’s VIP area, before heading into the main ballroom with the sound of African drums and elaborate floral centerpieces at each table.

The catwalk had a wall of faux flowers and backstage was all colours, chaos and absolutely beautiful freelance models.

I was particularly impressed to discover the emerging designers’ work, their prints, their pizazz and their energy but what really took my breath away was the models! None of them were with any of Perth’s professional agencies, yet there were some who genuinely should be and I love discovering fresh new faces for my lens. I haven’t been to a show like this in ages and am happy to support the cause. Fashions came from Be Africa and Jonte, as well as online stores – Moss Clothing and By Appointment formal wear boutique, Lace & Button where the likes of Badgley Mischka was ready to hit the runway.


Uni work whilst waiting for the show to begin


Pre-drinks with this guy, how lucky was I! I wasn’t actually drinking (or eating) as I am doing my juice cleanse, however visual stimuli does feed my soul


Rehearsals on the catwalk


The most stunning beauty getting decked out in Be Africa designs before the show

IMG_9265 IMG_9285

Be Africa being modeled by this beauty backstage


More Be Africa backstage at Spring Unveiled 2014

IMG_9359 IMG_90822

So many colours and prints!!


A lovely SV fan studying at Central Institute keen to show us the back of his design

IMG_9107 IMG_93400

Formal gown from Lace & Button worn by this English rose as she sits mixed amongst the exuberant prints on the others



IMG_9296 IMG_94944 IMG_9538 IMG_9381 IMG_93822 twins

I am just obsessed with these girls wearing Be Africa

IMG_9307 IMG_9493 IMG_956689

Gowns from Lace & Button

IMG_95789 IMG_9397 IMG_9593

For more information on Miracle Babies, support this worthy cause HERE

To see more from Lace & Button, visit them online and Book an Appointment

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Politix SS 1415


Having friends in the right places helps with drawing a fashionable crowd to a mainstream retailer’s new collection preview on a moody Thursday evening and such was the case for Politix’s Spring/Summer showing last night. The beautiful people turned up in droves to watch male models walk the shop floor catwalk in Hay Street mall and witness the latest wares this menswear brand has to offer.  Backstage was even smaller than Tuesday night’s event – it’s lucky I’m not claustrophobic because my god it was a squeeze in there and this time I couldn’t rely on my existing friendships with the models to get by because I didn’t know any of them. After a brief about what I wanted – let loose, turn it on for the camera, don’t be shy – and a cosy hour of so of practically sharing the same sweat and even a selfie or two, we got there in the end!


VIP Host for the night, the effervescent Abbey Gelmi


Not a model but a rather fine waiter wearing Politix SS1415


PR darling, Sarah Langley


Uber community leader – Harrison Kennedy working his magic on my phone.

Style Voyeur has been lucky enough to score a deal with Uber – if you upload the app and enter the promotion code: stylevoyeur – you can have a free first ride anywhere in Perth to the value of $40, on us!

I am truly obsessed!


Photographer, Adam Nalapraya always rocking unassuming fashions, not!


Event producer, Jessica Snook’s details ;)


Backstage at Politix SS 14/15


Such a rush to get the models suited up backstage, it was all hands on deck


Scottish Sean in Perth for merely weeks and off to Thailand tomorrow, I briefly lived in Scotland and worked at a grand hotel on a famous Golf course in a tiny town called Muirfield which he knew so we had some great chats. Nice chap!


A fresh face, a driving cap and smiles

IMG_89266 IMG_897809

Fresh hues for Spring at Politix

IMG_8993 Style-Voyeur-Backstage

Friends after all! #modelizer

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Department SS14/15 Preview


Department on Beaufort Street previewed their latest collections for the upcoming Spring Summer 14/15 season last night with a mini fashion parade in their Mt Lawley store. Guests enjoyed free rides to the event thanks to Uber and food trucks were parked on the street offering Brazilian snacks and delicious organic juices with vodka and rosemary. People roamed around the space inside and schmoozed on the pathway outside like it was a little festival before the show.

IMG_8462 IMG_8455 IMG_8526 IMG_8458 IMG_85133 IMG_85299 IMG_85322

Guests hanging out before the show


Lauren Lovelace – yes, that is really her name! & Abbey Gelmi at Department on Beaufort


I literally saw 6 people wearing Valentino studded heels last night – when high fashion starts to creep into the mainstream amongst monied Perth fashion seekers


Backstage was a different story, it was such a tight squeeze with barely any room to take photos and just as mad as ever! If it wasn’t for my relationship with the producer of the event and her trust in me and support of what I do here with SV, probably no one else in their right mind would have allowed me to be back there. Of course, like normal I ended up helping and jumped and pulled at a curtain to hide the models as they came and went into view. However it is thanks to those relationships I am lucky to have with producers of these events that brings about YOUR inclusion in all of this. You have to remember, it’s just us back there!

There is nothing like the electric spirit of a fashion show brought to you from backstage, the antics that unfold, the models in their natural element, working so hard but still finding the little moments to be cheeky and fun and instantly this illusion that fashion is only for the ‘brave,’ that it is cold and serious, is diminished when you see how much fun it all really is. An industry built on passion. Sure it is primarily about the clothes and fashion itself but I also want to show everyone that the models are gorgeous friends, style can be silly, fashion is fun and the people who really get it, know that a warm personality, persistence, strength of character and a good sense of humour are the things that will help keep you ‘IN.’

Style Voyeur welcomes you inside my little world to experience the joy that is my fashuuuun life in Perth.


The backstage antics begin, mood boards on the door and this t-shirt saying it all!


Gaby and Rachel with beautiful plaits sitting behind a single curtain separating them from the guests waiting to be seated in-store


Operation do not fall in love with the male models alert~! Mason Roberts aka friend of Giorgio Armani looking as sexy as ever backstage in a rather simple ensemble


Elegant Evelyn Leckie


The mad dash to get shoes, Evelyn and her SKIN backstage


Rachel Maher who is a bit of an underdog, the secret QUEEN of the pose – she knows how to work it and you better believe it’s in her blood!


An angelic Gabrielle Sullivan


When someone actually blows you a kiss and it’s mistaken for a duck face #firstworldproblems


Just, yes


I am obsessed with this top – Kate Hudson style!


Obsessed! The off the shoulder look is something I have been chasing and is SO good for a girl with a small bust to still feel sensual and free


Fabienne Vanderhaeghen being a cutie


Backstage madness, not many models means super fast change times!


The tennis costume, kimono dress – strange yet awesome


Hai there

IMG_874446 IMG_8596 IMG_85599

More Valentinos and bare feet backstage


Mason has been put in some really simple outfits in front of my lens of recent times, however it doesn’t matter because that boy got swag!


Delicate lacey detailing under a casual, paired back look


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All pieces pictured available from;


667 Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley..

(08) 9272 8850

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The September Issue


It’s rare that I share photos that are not my own but when it comes to finding fashion inspiration, one can look no further than The September Issues. I remember what it was like as a girl looking through the pages of magazines, being in awe of the glamour and spectacle of the fashion editorials and how the runway looks were brought to reality or surreal-ity as it seemed in those days – however for this upcoming Fall/Winter 14/15 season, we’re talking as real it can gets. Normcore is upon us and if the title of the above editorial is anything to go by, normal doesn’t necessarily mean ugly. Super Normal Supermodels by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine.

Normcore, the 90′s, the 60′s, sportswear, oversized outerwear, girls dressed as boys, dressed as girls, Lara Stone, fur and furry things – all not very NEW feeling prospects as far as emerging trends are concerned or as Miranda Priestly would say, “Flowers for spring, groundbreaking” – and with backdrops including nature, 70′s wallpaper, old chipped painted walls, kitchens, cars, streets and bathrooms, we’re taking a break from glitz & glamour too it seems. A welcome break? You decide.


Super Normal Supermodels by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine – above, below & under

w-magazine-september-2014-mert-marcus-20 w-magazine-september-2014-mert-marcus-9 georgia-may-jagger-w-korea-september-2014-5

Georgia May Jagger by Maciek Kobielski for W Korea September 2014 – above & below

georgia-may-jagger-w-korea-september-2014-2 benthe-de-vries-for-elle-italia-september-2014-7

Benthe de Vries by Michael Sanders for Ella Italia September 2014 – above & below

benthe-de-vries-for-elle-italia-september-2014-6 lara-stone-willy-vanderperre-w-magazine-september-2014-6

Lara Stone by Willy Vanderperre for W Magazine September 2014


Ophelie Guillermand by Jason Kibbler for Vogue Russia September 2014


Auguste Abeliunaite wearing Prada fur dress by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numero September 2014


Melina Gesto by Thomas Lohr for Vogue Germany September 2014


Lara Stone by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue UK September 2014 – above, below & under

lara-stone-by-mario-sorrenti-for-vogue-uk-september-2014-1 lara-stone-mario-sorrenti-uk-vogue-september-2014-10 amanda-wellsh-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-september-2014-9

Amanda Walsh by Sebastian Kim for Vogue Australia September 2014 – above, below & under

amanda-wellsh-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-september-2014-3 amanda-wellsh-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-september-2014-5 amanda-wellsh-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-september-2014-7 vogue-russia-september-2014-6

Vogue Russia September 2014


Vogue Russia September 2014


Jenna Earle by Andrew Soule for Flare Magazine September 2014


Mert & Mercus for W Magazine September 2014

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